Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Dance is something which drives all your worries away and imbibes in you a feeling of joy. Whether you are a good dancer or not really does not matter when it comes to having fun. Street dancing promises you exactly the same. You need no special training or skills and you can still have as much if not more fun than trained dancers do. If you have a free mind and are eager to experiment this is just the thing for you. Plug in music and start showing some fancy moves. You need to imitate any dance form rather create one that suits your style. Cast off your shyness and let the music guide your body.

If you are willing to learn dance its not always necessary to join a dance school or training institute. Hardy any of us have the time for it considering our busy schedule. However if you can design steps of your own itll be both fresh and innovative. Dancing in the streets has slowly evolved into a popular dance form over the ages. Be it hip hop dancing or break dancing they all owe their origins to street dancing. What makes it more interesting is the live audience which seems to enjoy every move you make and their applause is indeed sweet to your ears. Just get hold of a few friends a good portable music system and hit the streets with some original moves. Trust me you will enjoy it more than anything you have ever done.

Start off with street dancing alone in a room. This saves you the trouble of copying moves unintentionally. Feel the flow of the music and groove along the beats. Let the rhythm guide you through the amazing journey of dance. Every person has some or the other talent preinstalled in them. However one does not realize his/her true capability unless and until they try it for some time. Your skill might just be in dancing and perhaps you have kept it under covers by never giving it a shot. So try it out today itself, it really might be worth the effort.

Now you shouldnt copy people doesnt mean you wont watch them. Tune in to music channels like MTV and also browse through videos on YouTube. Some of the ones you come across will be the best examples of street dancing. Drive inspiration from it. Check out with what intensity the dancers do street dancing and try to put the same in your dance.

Never start off with the toughest of moves. It is a wiser idea to start from the basics and then take your dancing to newer levels. A warm up before the dance is always helpful so go for it. Dance in front of a mirror in the beginning stages. This way you will be able to judge your moves. As of dance clothing go for loose fitting attires rather than tight denims; footwear should also be comfortable and free from heels. Remember if you want people to appreciate your moves the key lies in more and more practice. BOLA TANGKAS