Q2 2009, With The Plastic Packaging Of Food Quality Supervision And Spot Check Results

Serial number Sample Name Distribution Company Name Trademark Specification Sample results Failed project Production date / batch number 1 PE cling film Yong Xia flagship Beijing Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Not marked 300m 30cm 0.010mm / volume Qualified No 090 416 2 Heng Hui duck bags Beijing phototherapy Plastic Packaging Products Factory Unlabeled 520mm 200mm 0.1mm / a Qualified No April 10, 2009 3 50 grams of aniseed composite film bag Beijing Ying Choi Yi Print Co., Ltd. Unlabeled 168mm 132.5mm 0.08mm / a Qualified No April 28, 2009 4 Cereal 240g bags Beijing Guang Jude packaging printing business limited liability company Unlabeled 195mm 154mm 0.095mm / a Qualified No April 25, 2009 5 Unilever 500g bags of wasabi sauce Bisashala Beijing Double Business 3 Packaging Printing Co., Ltd. Unlabeled (143 250) mm Qualified No 09-02-25 6 TBA (aseptic liquid food packaging paper-based composite materials) Tetra Pak (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Unlabeled 250mL / bag width 214mm Qualified No 090 428 7 90g Aoliaowei of (Australia) (composite film) An Muke Soft (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Unlabeled Width 300mm thickness 52 m / volume Qualified No 2009/03/09 8 Kimchi 100g bags Lotte packaging (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Unlabeled (260 170) mm Qualified No 2009.4.15 9 Aseptic packaging bags Beijing Jia Defu Plastics Co., Ltd. Unlabeled 2L / Article Qualified No 20,090,408 10 Excellent grade soft white sugar bags Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Beijing Chi Teng Unlabeled 212mm 151mm 0.070mm / a Qualified No April 29, 2009 11 140mm 300mm bag Beijing Zebeisite Packaging Products Factory Unlabeled 140mm 300mm 0.09mm / a Qualified No April 26, 2009 12 167mm 190mm (PE) bags Beijing kun Packaging Materials Factory Unlabeled 167mm 190mm 0.06mm / a Qualified No October 5, 2008 13 Retail bags Beijing Art Packaging Products Co., Ltd. Ordered Unlabeled (380 580) mm Qualified No 2009.4.25 14 Flour 4 # (compound plastic woven bag) Beijing Braided Packing Co., Ltd. Longgang Unlabeled (47cm 88cm) / Article Qualified No 2008-6-14 15 (Food use) plastic shopping bags Beijing Packing Products Co., Ltd. Luen Shing Albert Unlabeled 390 270mm / a Qualified No November 25, 2008 16 Polyethylene blown film for packaging Beijing Games Best Packaging Material Co., Ltd. immortalized Unlabeled 870 0.085mm 2000m / volume Qualified No 2009.4.28 17 Four-layer aluminum foil bags Beijing 10000 China Aluminum Packing Co., Ltd. Unlabeled 190 400mm / a Qualified No 2009.4.10 18 Retail bags Beijing 100 good benefits packaging materials plant Not marked 425mm 315mm 0.06mm / a Qualified No 2009.4.25 19 Composite casings Technology & Trade Co., Ltd. Beijing DeMao Unlabeled Fold Path: 70mm700m / volume (6kg / roll) Qualified No 090 420 20 Low-voltage chip Beijing Tian Shun Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Unlabeled 65 65 0.03mm / film Qualified No April 10, 2009 21 Wang’s special seasoning bags Packaging Products Factory in Beijing Lan Unlabeled 170 120mm / a Qualified No 09.1.13 22 Food oil polyethylene plastic film bags Beijing East tube head Plastic Products Factory Unlabeled 20L 64cm 0.5cm length 48cm 0.5cm wide Qualified No April 24, 2009 23 5 chicken JHO3 Bag Head Color Printing Packaging Material Co., Ltd. Beijing Daheng Unlabeled (180 260) mm Qualified No March 19, 2009 24 (BO PA / LDPE) bags of pepper Beijing Ronda into the compound packing Co., Ltd. Unlabeled 130mm 180mm 0.09mm / a Qualified No April 23, 2009 25 Send bags of taro Beijing Dongsheng Packaging Material Co., Ltd. Daxing Branch Foundation Unlabeled 355mm 380mm 0.0325mm / a Qualified No April 29, 2009 26 Plastic bags Beijing high fiscal Plastic Packaging Printing Co., Ltd. Unlabeled 75cm 45cm / a Qualified No 2009.5.4 27 Retail bags Beijing Central Green Plastic Products Factory Unlabeled 300 500 0.025mm / a Qualified No April 20, 2009 28 Multilayer food packaging films Beijing Fu Cheong Aluminum Color Printing Factory Unlabeled Length 850m W 16cm thickness of 0.075mm / volume Qualified No 20,090,409 29 High temperature cooking bag Plastic Color Printing Co., Ltd. Beijing thick Matilda Unlabeled (Length width thickness) 187m 159mm 105 m Qualified No February 15, 2009 30 Self-adhesive food wrap Clean food film factory in Beijing Unlabeled Length 33m width 0.29m / volume Qualified No March 6, 2009 31 Bingjie Wall wrap license Home Daily in Beijing Chemical industry Industrial company Bingjie Graphics 100FT BOLA TANGKAS