Qiqihar: Corn Sales Situation Is Not Optimistic About The

Aceh recently learned that the food sector is currently the city’s surplus sales in general are more smooth, but still can not be ignored sales of corn, high moisture, low-grade corn and loaded with corn, is facing difficulty in selling possible.

Data provided by the food sector, as of March 10, the city’s three main varieties of grain farmers have to sell 3.58 million tons, accounting for the three species for 63% of the amount of products, which has sold 630,000 tons of rice, accounting for 88% of the amount of products; Corn has sold 2.16 million tons, accounting for 57% of the amount of products; soybeans have been sold 800 thousand tons, accounting for 67% of the amount of products.

The three major crops, rice and smooth the way buying and selling, prices have been higher than the national minimum purchase price, plus the recently released 2010 State of autumn grain Japonica 2.10 yuan / kg minimum purchase price, farmers sold more than rice can be smooth, but also the mobilization of farmers of rice this year, planting initiatives; soybeans in spite of the lower prices of imports of soybeans, finished goods prices fell the impact, the current relatively light trading, but there are 3.74 yuan / kg of soybean price of national temporary storage and open acquisition policy of protection, farmers may also shun the remaining bean-selling out.

However, as Aceh important food crops of corn, sales still optimistic about the situation. At present, the city has not yet sold 2.1 million tons of surplus among the corn, accounting for 1.6 million tons, accounting for 42% of the total corn products. And that these high-moisture corn, grade is low, so selling pressure, especially loaded with 800,000 tons of corn are not currently buy.

At present there is a slight increase in price of corn, according to statistics March 15, Gannan grain prices surge 1.3 Yuan per kg, Nehe was 1.08 yuan, according to an 1.1 million in other counties have a small change in corn prices, but the corn market is not buying and selling Wang. According to the food sector stakeholders on the city, and corn sales problems for many reasons: the main pig breeding efficiency is subject to the South down the impact of reduced demand Xiaoquyumi buying and selling, traders did not dare enter the market a large number of acquisitions. Moreover, since the current market price is still higher than the national temporary storage prices, the State Reserve acquisition can not be effective, the State Reserve is currently the city’s acquisition of the amount of corn, only 30 million tons. A number of small and medium food processing enterprises to enter the market only to meet their needs for a small amount of the acquisition. Meanwhile, by the market price before the Spring Festival, farmers reluctant sellers, psychology is still very serious, and some still wait and look forward to further price increase. In addition, the drying cost of a serious shortage also affects the acquisition of corn. Since last year, most of the corn about 35% water, and some need for secondary drying, the State Zanan drying costs 50 yuan per ton subsidies, and the actual needs of the 110 per drying costs quite a big gap to the purchasing and storage takeovers difficult.

At present, the city’s spring production had been prepared in full swing, it is the farmers to purchase agricultural inputs, farm machinery repair option when, in addition to its preferential agricultural policy, subsidies and loans, the cash grain farmers an important source of financing land preparation, maize sales has caused widespread concern.

Aceh has always attached great importance to maize marketing problems, and has done a lot of work. City-food sector to actively take measures to give wide publicity to the policy, the timely release of market information to guide farmers to sell their surplus grain; to strengthen the guidance and supervision of purchasing and storage companies to ensure that food and other goods at the country within the expiration of the offer period of temporary grain storage is not rejected, not limited income, keep close and open acquisitions; organizations purchase and sale of state-owned enterprises to strengthen cooperation with other towns of customers, expand food exports.

Farmers income is “San Nong” The ultimate end result. All levels of government should also continue its efforts to do a good job of local grain purchase and storage of the guidance to ensure the smooth progress of spring production to achieve the peasants continued to increase. Farmers should also be based on actual conditions, pay close attention to the time before spring sowing will be timely and appropriate price sales of surplus cash, while we also need to do a good job too abdominal conversion of grain into value-added, etc. to avoid damage.