Qr Codes, Social Networking & Promoting Your Business On A Shoe String Budget

Ok, You have heard about QR Codes. Everyone knows what Facebook is all about and most people want to promote their business in any way they can.

I have explained QR Codes before in different blogs so I will not go through this again. Refer to the following link in wikipedia if you want an explanation or go through the blogs on www.azonmedia.com

The great things about QR Codes is they are free and its very easy to create them and once printed out you can stick them anywhere legally of course! You can also embed these codes in websites send them as jpegs, run them in poster runs. The opportunities are endless.

There are many Generators widely available on the Internet and enclosed is a short list.




The one criticism a lot of people have is about the end result of the execution of a QR Code. This usually means that it does not link to a mobilized website which ends in a badly displayed result on the smaller screen of a mobile phone. This is most peoples gripe about the execution of a Mobile Marketing Campaign.

You do not need to run out and get a mobile site developed. Just think about all the sites that are optimized for mobile these days including Facebook and many others. Take Facebook for example it is very easy to create a business page for Facebook and to post information about new products and create some interesting posts and topics of conversation that people will be interested in.

Step 1. Think about your QR code, it can also lead to any url so simply copy the URL of your Facebook for Business Page.

Step 2. Once you have copied the url for your Facebook for Business Page then load this into a generator to create the QR Code and save the output of the QR Code.

Step 3. Now you have a copy of the QR Code, you need to decide what you want to do with it. Do you want to use it for print media, stickers or embed it in a website? Why not try all of the above?
(Test it with a smart phone, make sure it works)

Step 4. Once you have chosen what to do with your QR Code, implement it. If you go down the sticker route maybe it would have been wise to add a logo to your QR Code to give people an idea what they are scanning before they scan or maybe you want to add an element of mystery and just tempt people to scan it.

Tips: It may be a good idea to add a customized landing page to your Facebook page so it provides a more visual affect of your business and people will be more tempted to like your page and become a fan.