Quality Vs Quota – The Jeopardized Indian Democracy

Quite a battle of sorts has ensued between the ruling party and the apex judicial Court of India. Seems like, the 27% reservation for the OBC’s in all the educational institutes is the sole mission of the Congress party and its allies. When the court has defined specifically, the terms for reservations and excluded creamy layer among the OBC’s from the benefit, what is all the hoopla about? The Ruling party is in a no mood to retreat back in defense of safeguarding not the OBC’s interests but their own too reliable vote banks.

The natural and fair choice for the intellectual class would surely be the emphasis on quality and talent. What about the power starved politicians who cant just sit back and wait for their promising electorates turning the tables on them. India is a too closely knit unit of unity in the face of such apparent diversity. History has it and statistics reveal it. The political minions leave no stone unturned in politicizing each and every uncommon issue and try to create strife among their own people. Have they ever taken pains to check the inflation that is growing by leaps and bounds? Why didn’t they ever wake up to the gravity of the seamlessly unending string of suicides in Vidharva? It won’t be an exaggeration of any sort to remark that political system should be held responsible for the dire state of affairs in this country. What would have been enough to satiate the hunger pangs of the poorest of the poor sits gracefully underlining the pot bellies of the affluent. Their bank accounts have not swelled overnight. Less said equals thousand words in this regard.

A number of avenues in India hold the potential for the politicians to exploit. The day won’t be far when the reservations would be made in sports at the international scene too. Undoubtedly, you won’t be spotting any Tendulkar or Dhoni but a team of some ill fitting incumbents just as fillers. There is no dearth of possibilities if the reservation has to be actualized in full bloom and caste based disparities are to be further perpetuated. Look at the Indian Army which already falls short of officers to take up the war front. Go ahead and divide even the army along the lines of religion and caste.

Despite the effective PR tools in claiming India as one of the fastest growing democracies the world over, the lopsided economical growth proves to be a better index. All this can be attributed to the indifferent attitude of the top brass in dealing with the root problems. Recognition of all classes and creed is not at all in a bad spirit but when accomplished as an ill intentioned pursuit, it maligns the true essence of democracy. The endless list of reservation and categorization in educational institutes, jobs, and promotions is nothing more of a political gimmick. It would be a jolt to the many deserving candidates who burns the midnight oil to reach where they truly deserve to be. What would our top engineering and management institutes be churning out within a span of few years- just a handful of bright architects of modern India and a plethora of aspirants sans true capabilities?

On one hand one hopes of making India a world power and on the other hand nothing more ghastly could have been done to suppress the career of many a scholars. The private players in the country or elsewhere want talent and not just any other IITians and IIMians. And unlike their Government counterparts, they don’t believe in compromising with the quality of work. Why in God’s name will they be willing to enroll a person based on some illogical caste reservation and let compete tent person pass by.

Let our endeavors go in making India an ultimate hub for the whole world to look up to. Otherwise the most promising talent wouldn’t even take a second’s time to take the next flight out of this country to fetch greener pastures.

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