Question Mark On Chemotherapy, Radiation And Surgery


The majority of people leave their health in the hands of others. This ought not to be so. Everyone has a right to participate fully in his or her treatment and to make his or her own choices. People must be informed, and be prepared to challenge opinion they think is not sound or out dated. Always look at any information about alternative cancer treatment with open mind, weigh the pros and cons, take or leave it and keep on searching until you find something your mind accept, please no bias here, just have an open mind while searching.

There are a lot of healthy, walking, talking, breathing, one time cancer patients that were told in no uncertain terms that the was nothing that can be done to them unless, they accept cutting off the breast, burning off cancerous cells and what have you, because they were well informed, it was easy for them to take informed decision by saying capital NO to surgery, saying let the breast stay put, yes! It is your breast, you have a right to say let it stay put, only and if only you have access to informed decisions.

Why leave your health in the hands of another person? Why leave your life in the hands of another person? It is not done, if it is done, it is done, it is very wrong. You have a right to have a say and take a wrong. You have a right to have a say and take a decision on the type of treatment that good for you. You need is to search for answers because are answers, thanks to the internet that helped to make the whole world a global, internet has saved more souls in its short years of existence, more than chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, without the internet millions of people the world over would have been forgotten in the face of the earth.

Lets take a look at history, in 1971 the then president of united states of America made a declaration that ‘within six years’ medical science will find a for it, the rest is history. Wall street journal, 16 October 2002, stated that cancer treatment and research is estimated to have passed the two trillion dollar ($ 2,000,006,000,000) mark. This was as at 2002, the million dollar question what have we to show for it. Dr.John Baylor a cancer statistician for the US National cancer Institute in 1985 stated in address to the Annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of science stated that: “cancer death rates continue to go up year after year”. These are real increases… this has been going on quite steady for a number of years. In 1995, ten years after he stated again… Years of intense efforts focused largely on improving treatment must be judged a qualified failure” (N Engl J med 1997)

Lets take a look at statistics: in the year 2000, 1.9 million cases of cancer diagnosed in the EU, alone. Million people worldwide receive a diagnosis of cancer any given year. 1.2 million American’s will receive a diagnosis of cancer in any one given year. * In 2000, estimated number of people suffering from cancer was 1.2 million with rate still rising.

Do you know that cancer is the leading cause of death for men and women of all ages. Ages 15-34-23% of females died due to cancer in 2003 Ages 35-54-46% of females died due to cancer in 2003 Under the same age bracket 25% male died due to cancer in 2003 Ages 55-74-38% of females died due to cancer in 2003 Under the same age bracket 43% of males died due to cancer in 2003

The question is why must mankind perish because of Ignorance or refused to embrace changes.Cancer is a preventable disease. Cancer is a question of lifestyle and dietary related choices. Stop feeding your body with deed foods’ your stomach is no garbage bin, why fill your stomach with processed box meal of dead foods, preservatives, additives and chemicals. As far as cancer is concerned there are natural alternatives that works, do not allow yourself to be railroad. Etay positively posted.

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