Questions And Answers During MBA Group Discussion And Interview

With the growing popularity of MBA as a career option, many students are opting for it. But there main concern lies in facing the interview and most of them are unaware of the questions asked during MBA Group Discussions and hence tend to panic and don’t know what to answer. Apart from this, the basic key to face them is confidence which grows from personality development.

Personality Development is the most important step in the growth of an individual. If you go to any interview or even group discussions, the first thing which is noticed is your personality. One needs to make his or her presence felt in a way that would urge the opposition to listen to your opinion. Personality development has various aspects. It involves everything from gestures to communication skills. One needs to be assertive and precise in proving a point. Educational qualifications alone would not make you successful if you are not confident enough to voice your opinion.

Some of the basic questions asked during MBA interview and their answers are as follows:

Describe yourself
Your educational qualifications
Family backgrounds
What differentiates you from other applicants
Family and academic background

Why this institute?

The placements you offer
Courses offered

Why did you choose this career?

Your potential and aptitude
Your areas of interest
Your motivation and inspiration

What would be your contributions to our college?

Tell them how your strengths would contribute to the solving of problems prevailing in the campus and how your innovate and technical ideas will help it grow

Any questions?

Don’t say no. as it tends to show you are uninterested. Ask some questions regarding the academic environment of the campus.

Some questions usually discussed during MBA group discussions:

Education system in India. Comment
Is a borderless nation possible in reality?
Importance of human relations in business
Importance of media in imparting information
Fluctuations in economy
How far can you call India a secular state?
India as a developing country
Role of women in development
Is MBA over rated?
Should gambling be legalized?
Power of bureaucracy

One needs to realize the importance of personality development. Once this goal is achieved then one can practice the questions asked during group discussions and interview and go through the possible answers and take idea from them.