Quick and easy recipes for the busy family

It can be a difficult task for many parents to get their children to eat healthy foods, especially if healthy foods were not introduced to them at a very young age or if they are simply averse to the taste of many vegetables but it is definitely possible to teach children and encourage them to eat healthy foods while at the same time explaining to them on their level why they need to eat these foods.

The best food for an infant is milk, whether this is breast milk or formula; this is the beginning of a child’s healthy diet. As the child gets older they can then start to eat more solid foods and the first solid foods that you introduce to your child are very important because if you train a child to eat healthily then they will most likely continue to do so throughout their life.

Foods that are soft and easy to chew and swallow are the best solids to start your child on and this can include anything from pureed root vegetables and mashed potatoes, to soups and fruit compotes. Many mums and dads actually make their own baby food rather than buying jarred foods, which is easy because all you need to do is cook healthy foods and blend them into a smooth and easy to digest consistency; it almost always works out cheaper to make your own baby food too. Why not cook in batches and freeze portions? This way, your homemade baby food will be just as convenient as buying it ready made from the supermarket and you will know exactly what has gone into it.

Fruits are great for your child to eat as well and when they are first introduced to your children they will need to be mashed up for them to eat or cut into small pieces depending on how many teeth your child has. Once your child has been eating fruits and mushy foods for a few months you can then start your child on regular vegetables and cereals that don’t contain a lot of added salt or sugar.

Some easy healthy recipes for your child could include whole wheat pasta with roasted vegetables and roasted chicken in a freshly made tomato sauce, homemade pizzas with plenty of vegetables and protein from good quality ham or chicken pieces and pan fried salmon fillets with sweet potato chips and a fresh green salad. All of this dishes can be made quickly and you will often be able to get your child involved in the preparations, which will teach them how to cook, what different foods are and the importance of making meals using fresh and delicious ingredients.

Go online to find that perfect salmon recipe for your child and why not browse the other easy healthy recipes on offer at the same time?