Quick and Simple Acne Treatments at Home

There are several quick and simple acne treatments that you can try at home. I will outline a few for you. I also had a major problem with pimples and facial blemishes, so I know how important it is to you to rid yourself of your acne. Here are a few at home pointers that you can try now.

1. Use essential oils overnight on the infected areas :

Try adding mild oils to your face such as clove oil, rosewood oil or tea tree oil. These oils contain properties that seem to work well for dealing with zits and adult acne. If you would feel better by reducing the concentration of each oil, just dilute it with the oil from grape seed.

Simply apply the oil that you have chosen to your skin before going to bed at night and when you wake up, rinse it off with a mild hand soap and tap water.

2. Expose your pimples to plain old sunshine :

As long as you are not on medications that state that you should avoid expose to the sun, you should attempt to go out into the sunlight each and every day. The reason why sunshine seems to help in getting rid of pimples is due to the fact that it deals with surface bacteria and it tends to dry the sebum oil that apparently can worsen a bout of pimples. What is super great about this acne control method is that it is absolutely free.

3. Drinking lots of water helps to deal with zits, pimples and blemishes :

Surprisingly, by just consuming lots of water throughout the day, you may be able to control your acne. Since most skin disorders start off underneath the top layers of skin, hydrating your body can actually aid in flushing out the toxins that are trying to force their way to the surface of your skin. Try to aim for around seven glasses of water per day.