Quick Weight Loss – Be Seen and Heard

Sometimes, a quick weight loss program taken to the extreme can lead to severe behaviour changes that you may not be aware of. It is a good thing to have people around you who are aware of what you are doing so that they can caution you when something about you seems amiss. It could be the glow on your skin, limpness of your hair, circles under your eyes or the fact that you are looking unwell; these might be signs that your diet is not suiting you.

Check Yourself

Take a photograph of yourself before you start the quick weight loss programme. When you have gone through a few week of the program, compare your old photograph with how you look currently. Is there a difference in the way you were and the way you are? Is it what you have wanted? Another thing to note is how you feel. Do you feel energised when you wake up in the morning? Are you able to clear your body of toxins? If you feel fine without the aid of medication, it probably means that you are doing your body a good turn.

Talk About It

Quick weight loss programmes can be controversial and you need to get the right advice before you embark on it. If you have chosen to follow something off the net or from a book, discuss it with a doctor. Let the doctor check your vital signs and confirm that your health permits a diet of the kind that you are undertaking. If there are some serious disturbances the diet is likely to cause, the doctor can help you take an informed decision. Check with the doctor whether there are specific tests that you should do to avoid future health problems.

Get Your Family In On It

Your family members know you well and will be aware if you have a tendency to take quick weight loss programmes so far that they can prove detrimental to your health. If there are members who feel you need to take medical advice before you embark on the plan, take the advice seriously. If you have done this in the past and are repeating the action, you may become a victim of yo-yo dieting which is harmful to your body. On the other hand, if you find that you have the support of the people around you, it means you must be on the right track and will be warned if things do not seem right.

Let Your Workmates Know

Do this with caution since you want to identify your well wishers who will help you keep on track. Identify people who understand your need for quick weight loss. Avoid getting carried away by people who try to get you off your diet by offering you things that they know you like, just for the fun of it. Your workmates see you every day and can caution you of any signs that you have not noticed that your diet may not be suiting you.