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The United States is the world’s most developed country in the packaging industry attaches great importance to research and develop advanced Packaging Machinery . The packaging machinery and equipment for the production of advanced packaging and laid a good foundation.

It is understood that a wide variety of U.S. packaging machinery, advanced equipment, but in order to adapt to international competition in the market, they still continue to research and development of advanced packaging machinery and equipment. At present, more advanced packaging machinery mainly blowing machines, injection molding, paper and Plastic bags Processing machine; all kinds of massive, granular, powder, liquid packaging machine; forming, filling, metering Sealing machine And the handling tray machine; for boxes, barrels container stretch wrap machine; various control the quality of sorting machines; on the packaging performance tests Detector ; Washing machine, disinfecting machine and corrugated box production of large-scale automated production lines. Most of the United States, with computer-controlled packaging machinery, packaging machinery to enable high speed, high efficiency, high-quality direction. Packaging materials on the required temperature, humidity, intensity, voltage, and the number of packages are all compiled program into the computer for automatic control. This will not only improve the efficient use of packaging machinery, packaging machinery to improve the precision and accuracy, while also greatly reducing the amount of labor intensity, such as stacking heavy boxes of labor, women as long as the operation can be completed with a mechanical hand.

Investment in fixed assets in order to save, save energy, lower costs, the U.S. packaging machinery to focus on economy, automatic, efficient and multi-direction. Such as microprocessor control, control system, sensing, optical and other devices in the United States packaging machinery equipment is widely used not only improve efficiency but also improves the quality of the packing. For example, there is a filling machine, under the same conditions from packaging material and the shape difference of the object limit, as long as a little debugging, you can adapt to the shape of the filling containers. Another area of less than 5 square meters of single compression Die Cutting Machine , A machine can complete the cardboard printing, die cutting indentation, bronzing, and folding cartons and other functions. Rotary Die Cutting Machine Zeyi roll materials into the feed to the place of leaflets to scrap minimum. Package Food When foods do not meet health requirements of material can be automatically excluded.

Sorter computer measurement has been widely used in the production line, it can be measured on the devices are not allowed to remove the products, can not remove the product labeling can be affixed to the bottle without removing commodities can also be controlled filling measurement. Computer measurement of sorting machine to promote the use of commodity quality control mechanized, scientific, automation.

Developed rapidly in the U.S. packaging machinery, paper and corrugated box production equipment constantly updated to make corrugated boxes to multi-level (three corrugated, corrugated cardboard boxes 4) development. Large transport package width to 2.3 m increased to 4.8 ~ 5 meters. This large-scale production equipment the maximum throughput, high degree of automation, productivity is good, three-knife cutting simultaneously, less scrap, better product quality. Corrugated round selection in the type area, breaking the traditional A, B, C, E flute type, there has been large honeycomb-type transport packaging carton, corrugated high beyond the conventional, multi-tray used in conjunction with its impact, buffer performance comparable to corrugated box with seven, while the cost has decreased its production out of K-and KL-large corrugated boxes, cartons will be able to install a whole vehicle in the box can be installed more than a ton of food and a tons of liquid products. Liquids corrugated products, is different from the past, plastic pad with a box, but in the corrugated wall painted with waterproof materials, boxes loaded on the bottom of the valve, the liquid is very easy to box out. This large-scale corrugated box can be used multiple times.

The United States has not only actively develop advanced packaging machinery and equipment, but also paid great attention to cushioning material for packaging, such as Tape , Binding materials and mechanical equipment research and development. Now the production of packaging cushioning materials, polyethylene and polypropylene, low-foam material that can be packaged goods according to the needs of different use. These materials in shape, structure, cutting and so varied, both to protect goods, but also save packaging Raw materials .