Rabbit Cages – Looking For a Good One to Purchase Online?

Before you get a pet rabbit, you need to think about purchasing a rabbit cage. You may want to consider purchasing your rabbit’s cage online. Or you may look forward to going the pet store, getting a large cumbersome cage and packing it into your car or however you are thinking of transporting it home. Comparing prices and adding shipping costs to the total price is something we must all do when considering whether or not to purchase online.

If you search online you may find that your local pet store has a website and offers special deals for online purchases, given that their overhead costs can be lower for internet sales. If you do find the rabbit cage you want at a local shop’s website, the delivery charge may be fairly inexpensive. Do take a good look around the net though because a shop further away may have higher delivery charges but offer significantly lower prices on rabbit cages, this may equal less money coming out of your pocket.

One of the main things to consider is whether the rabbit cage is large enough for your carrot crunching friend. The cage will need to be at least thirty-six (36) inches long for a normal sized rabbit to be housed in for any length of time. For a dwarf or very small rabbit you may be able go a little smaller, twenty-four (24) inches will often be sufficient. What you must remember is the fact that the rabbit’s home needs to be somewhere safe and secure for them, so do make sure it is of a decent size for them to be comfortable when that is the only space available to them. There will be times, when you have visitors with a dog for example, during which time you will have to lock them in the cage for their own safety.

Also think about where the rabbit cage is going to be situated in your home. You will need to have open space large enough to place it and may not want to keep your rabbit to far away from yourself in the house. Rabbits are very sociable creatures, and many pet lovers believe rabbits are the happiest around the people in the home.

You will also want to get a good water bottle and feeding bowl. And depending on the type of cage you purchase, you may need a litter box for your rabbit as well. Yes, they can be trained to use one.