Rabbits and Chickens As Friends

Many people like to keep chickens on their property or farms because of the eggs they produce, or just for company. And, of course, people love to keep rabbits around because rabbits are adorable and fun! But can the two live peacefully and safely together? This article will explore why they sometimes can and sometimes can’t.

Chickens can be highly territorial and sometimes they can even be downright mean. They also have sharp claws and beaks that can injure or even kill a rabbit if the chicken attacks it persistently. Rabbits can also be territorial and have sharp teeth and powerful legs that they will use to defend their territory against a chicken invasion if they feel they need to.

As with most animal introductions, the optimal way to get animals used to each other is to introduce them when they are very young. This is the best way to get the animals to develop feelings of affection and trust towards one another. If that is not possible, then be sure to properly supervise all encounters between your rabbit and your chicken. If one or both of them is constantly aggressive, you may have to always keep them separated as there is a risk of injury or even death for your pets.

If they get along reasonably well, then you are in luck. I have heard of cases of rabbit-chicken friendships that have been adorable and beneficial to both the animals. Just be sure to provide a separate living space for each of the animals to retreat to. Also, be sure not to let them eat one another’s food as that can cause problems for both the chicken and the rabbit.

As we’ve seen, some rabbits and chickens can live together peacefully and some just can’t. It is your choice to decide if you want to give peaceful rabbit-chicken co-existence a chance.