Rackmount Monitor: Now Saving Space Is No Concern for a Network Engineer

Rackmount monitor is a robust display device, which is used to display an image from any video source; it is generally used along with an industrial computer. The device has two ears or flanges that protrude with holes that correspond to the holes in the rack, thereby allowing the monitor to be bolted safely and easily into the rack equipment. Aluminum or steel frame is used for mounting the device into an equipment rack. In some cases where it is highly required to protect the Rackmount monitor from dust or liquids or any external matter that might cause damage, the packaging needs to be pretty strong.

In the life of a Network Engineer, space efficiency is an absolute necessity; with so many servers, along with monitors and cables stuffed into the system, leading to congestion and no space availability; this is where Rackmount monitor drawers come in handy, where even LCD flat panel monitors that have certainly reduced so much of space, for a network engineer it’s definitely not enough. Basically a Rackmount LCD drawer is a flat panel monitor, which when not in use could be collapsed into a single standardized 1 RU (rack unit). It allows the monitor to slip into a rack of standard size 19 or 23 inch. For the network engineers it is an absolute blessing as when they are not using the monitor, they could simply glide the monitor into the rack thereby making them available a lot of space.

Advanced locking systems have been provided for the user to safely carry them around. It has come to notice that, a few drawers have been made available that can allow the monitor, keyboard and a pointing device fit into it, for these however space required is generally 2RU. But then the big question is, does every computer need its own monitor, keyboard and mouse, well the answer is pretty easy, it’s a No, because with the help of a KVM Switch, the user could control multiple computers using a single screen and an input device. In short with a Rackmount LCD drawer, space efficiency has now been made possible.