“rage Online. That’s Wow! -part 1

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The project is immediately overgrown with an impressive number of fans and became one of the first domestic product came to liking western users. This was followed by a sequel, which is even more deeply the secrets of the astral world, and there was silence. Impression was that of a successful and original brand simply forgot. It turned out that this is not the case. Just then a Nival has not had enough working capital and technical capability to create online-game familiar to us of the universe.

Since then much water has flowed. Nival has merged with the holding company Astrum, the world saw the legendary World of Warcraft, and the volume of the domestic market of MMO-games has grown to astronomical sums. And now, when competition in this segment was particularly brutal, started open beta testing Allods Online “in which we participated. Frankly, at first puzzled us for several systems free-to-play: in his head constantly climbed intrusive thoughts about the “Korean syndrome”, it seemed that the world was immediately flooded people with questionable education and low level of intelligence. Thought that you would pay for everything, and in fact, who would be more money, and will fill a banquet here. In general, many doubts have been. Well, that none of them are not reflected in the final version Allods Online.

Our evaluation system of the game

In order to avoid unnecessary questions and clarifications, just want to explain the rating system of the game. First, the “Rage Online” compared with those by the method of distribution projects. That is, putting the estimate for the graphics or gameplay, we primarily focus on the free online-game. However, this involved so-called principle of “preemption”: if “Rage Online” in some categories of valuation looks an absolute leader, grade is based on the experiences of the author. That is why, even in places where the game is seriously ahead of its competitors, 10-ki did not appear.

Secondly, we have carefully studied the system of buying goods for real money. Since in some free-to-play games, users are often just the same forced to part with their savings. Want to just note that if you are not willing to spend honestly earned Dollars on this fun, no one forced you to do this will not happen. The developers have remained true to its original position, voiced a year ago: Almost everything that is presented in the store, you can find in the world. Therefore, making a purchase – this is just to save you time, not a requirement. It also played a role in shaping the overall impression and the final grade.

Here is such a cataclysm

The game’s plot tells the story of the once beautiful planet Sarnaut. It was inhabited by various creatures living together in peace and tranquility. Some excel in craftsmanship, others were engaged in the erection of the beautiful cities and cozy villages. In general, a complete agreement, peace, friendship, Mayday. A little later came the great empire of Juneau, which had once been one of the many tribes of people inhabiting the planet. Juna existed for centuries before it will appear out of nowhere the curse did not destroy them all. Who didst send – still puzzle that historians are so fond of discussing the universe.

But the disappearance from the face Sarnauta whole empire was not the last misfortune of this world. In one terrible day for all living things came cataclysm that divided the planet into Rage, small pieces of land, drifting in the streams of the astral plane. Because of what happened all these events – the secret behind seven seals. True, the Great Wizards once tried to explain everything, but most of them abstract and evidence have been reduced to the fact that the great magicians, so they all know better than anyone and did not bother them with silly questions. And very few of whom survived the cataclysm was the case prior to its causes. They had to re-build their lives. One of the survivors will also become your character.

Eight milestones

Before you actually go to the creation of a hero, you have to determine the fraction. Developers are not without the classic separation of forces in the “light” and “dark.” The first formed the League, which settled kaniytsy (de facto common people), the elves with funny little wings a la Fairy from “Cinderella” and gibberlingi, short-creation, traveling is always three. Dark forces established an empire. Its inhabit hadagantsy (“evil” people), huge orcs and so-called rebels, who are like dead bodies, over which worked a mad scientist: body parts they have bonded with each other using various mechanical gizmos, so that they look that kind of Frankenstein of the future.

After selecting the race you will be prompted to define a class hero. For those who love edged weapons and heavy armor, ideal way of the warrior. As with most MMORPG, soldiers – is primarily a “tank”, whose main task is to contain the onslaught of the enemy. Meanwhile, the battle comes the magician, who, using the power of three elements – fire, ice and lightning – causing significant damage to the enemy. With continued use strikes to the same element of their power is growing, but there is a risk that the spell will work properly and come down on the hero himself.

In this case the group is always a priest, which is actually a local doctor. He quickly heal the wounds of a comrade, and also restore lost his health points. Interesting class and a Templar, who knows how to put obstacles in the path of enemy attacks. That is, even if you hang curse, its action will not begin immediately. You will have time to get rid of it or substantially reduce the harm to health.

For those who love stealth is closer look at the scouts. They may silently penetrate into enemy territory, gather the necessary information and attack unexpectedly. Another attending class is a necromancer. True, if the priests derive their strength from the earth and light, the Necromancers suck it out of other living beings. Not only do they thus cause damage to the enemy, so also can transmit it to force its allies.

Pagans – Local friends of nature. In the adventures they are accompanied by a pet that can distract themselves striking power and give the monster to its owner at the time of its destruction from a safe distance. In this case, the pagans well manifest themselves in the melee: knockout enough that painful, so also can reduce the loss of health points. Well, the latest available class is the mystic. With the help of his amazing abilities, he can fool any opponent, effectively hypnotized him.

Concluding the conversation about the classes, should take into account that not everyone peoples of the world, are available all eight paths of development. So, gibberlingi may be different warriors, scouts, pagans, or mystics, but the priests or necromancers – never. Therefore, before determining a race, you need to think about what class you want to start your journey through the world Allods.

Long way

Create a character appears in a closed location, where he explains in detail who he was and why he had come into this world. Meanwhile, the player learns to control his alter ego, mastering the combat system, which is similar to what we saw in World of Warcraft and other similar-minded projects. Once training is completed, you go to the first general location where you have to work out their knowledge into practice.

Of course, first you have to perform quests, of which a “Rage Online” is really a lot. Most of them, like in other MMORPG, based on the three archetypes: collect something, kill someone, to find a treasure or a person. Some tasks require the destruction of a certain number of enemies, while others pose a somewhat different goal: to knock out monsters 10-15 bone-heads, essences, etc. Some of the NPC are asked to collect grass or timber, find the missing traveler or discover the remains of the crashed ship, take a steam bath in the men (!).

Most of the quests is displayed on the map of the various icons. This allows great time saving. For example, if you offer to destroy 12 of werewolves, the map would be the appropriate note. Once the task is executed, then you will find a NPC, which is necessary to report the results of its activities. True, some jobs do not appear on the map. Typically, they require to find a valuable object or an important secondary character. However, the quest is always clearly indicated the geographical location of the object and the compass which is mounted in the upper right corner of the screen, you can quickly find what you need.

Another heavily used type of jobs are quests that reveal the various secrets of the world. So, wandering through the dark more often in search of werewolves, you’ll find the remains of a traveler, a loser. Some jobs fall out of themselves as enemies of the scroll, reading that you can take it or refuse. And, of course, you will regularly send requests to a different group dungeons and zones. These tasks will better understand the history of the world Allods Online.

For performing tasks accrued experience, and given the monetary reward. Sometimes this adds valuable things, all sorts of potions and items of equipment. In addition, completing quests and killing monsters, you also get additional experience, which is separately shown on the line level. Going into the nearest tavern, you can relax, and this additional experience will turn into a real one. Such a system is a bit faster getting the next level, which is especially important in the initial stages, when they want as quickly as possible to join the “big leagues”.