Rain Water Garden and Environmental Benefits


Today, while the environment is getting in depleting situation, we must think of ways to save our environment from further damage. One simple but effective way is building a rain water garden beside your home.


It is important to have a sound environment especially in our time when the cities have been filled with concrete walls, buildings, trash and establishments. Moreover, due to these elements, the cities experience more and more pollution as the days go by. More importantly, the waste coming from cities goes through the drainage systems and goes directly to natural lakes and rivers. Such things only make matters worse and if necessary actions are not met, we can say goodbye to the future of our environment.


What is worse is when storms or heavy rains come to the cities and they absolutely do not hold the capacity to hinder the natural effects of these calamities. Oftentimes, the rainfall from these incidents is what drives the waste to be brought to the natural reservoirs of the cities. One way to prevent such things from happening is building a rain water garden right at your homes.


Basically, a rain water garden makes use of the natural rainfall as its source for water. Since it uses the remnants of the rain, you are sure that it is totally safe to the environment. Moreover, you are not only building beautiful scenery for your house but you are also decreasing the chances of the negative effects of excessive rain in the environment.


With a rain water garden present in your homes, the rainfall that naturally goes through the drainage can even be used for nurturing the plants in your garden. Instead of becoming completely useless and harmful, the rain water then becomes an agent in making the environment much healthier. Usually a rain water garden consists of plants that can naturally be planted in the soil even right beside or in front of your house. You do not need any artificial fertilizers or chemicals in order for these plants to grow.


The rain water garden is built in an area where the rainfall coming from your rooftop falls naturally during rain. When rain occurs, the natural thing that happens is that the rainfall accumulates on your roof and gradually falls to its sides. If you have a drainage system on your roof then the water can pass through it and follow the course of gravity after. Since you rainwater garden is built under the spot where the rain falls, the rain can easily go through the concave area that you have created and to the plants that surround it. With soil that is much softer than the usual type, then it would become much easier for it to absorb the water and therefore give it to the plants that it nourishes.


Having a rain water garden is indeed a wonderful idea in helping sustain the environment. You do not need to perform anything artificial; you only need to let nature run its course in the simplest possible way that you can help.