Rapid Development Of New Energy Water Heater Industry To Break The Pattern Of Gas

HC HVAC & R Network Gas water heater products since the eighties started in the domestic market, water heaters, change of category, development and dispute began with the gradual development of the entire water heater industry, from the 2000s onward, due to the development of electric water heaters, “air power of the war “started immediately and intensified, with the water heater market, the gradual development of this long-running” gas-electric battle, “gradually evolved into a” gas-electric hegemony “of the market structure, in the early years of the 2000s, gas water heater and the electric water heater occupying almost 80% of the domestic water heater market share. However, “the market on behalf of a new product out, leading the trend for decades,” is called a “gas-electric with struggle New Energy Benefit, “the development of new energy industries to international and domestic water heater market has quietly changed.

Energy Dream is the driving force water heater industry

“Air power struggle” in promoting the water heater market, but also for gas water heaters and electric water heaters, exposed their shortcomings in front of the media and the public, safety and energy savings as the media, experts and consumers are questioning the point of , with the market and technology development, new domestic energy industry pioneer nineties in the twentieth century began with the pursuit of continued exploration. Solar water heaters And air to water heater in such a market context were born.

Solar water heaters started in the nineties of last century, after the development of pain and lingering into 2000, the town market to become a breakthrough in its development. 2009 included Home Appliances Countryside product directory, solar water heaters ushered in three, four market development, a spring, consumers gradually from its ignorant to accept the way this shower, solar water heaters have gone through a period of extraordinary market incubation , in which the solar energy industry where leading brand Wong Ming played in promoting the role of lubrication and contributed.

Beginning of 2000, with the market development and national energy-saving Reduction Policy-oriented, next-generation water heater?? Air to its more energy-efficient performance (energy consumption of traditional electric water heater is only 1 / 4, Gas Water Heater 1 / 3 and solar hot water 1 / 2) gradually into the consumer’s perspective, However, the development of air to water heater is also exceptionally difficult, the real recognition by the market should gradually since 2004, with the benefit of air to water heater in the central TV Advertising platform caused concern water heater industry, more and more consumers begin to understand this more energy-efficient water heater, then started with the interests of the Whampoa Military Academy in air to water heaters, water heaters, energy conservation training and the organization of Challenge races, then ” Energy Around the World “in the air to water heater joint promotional activities, etc., the air to water heater started a rapid rate of development into the people’s daily lives.

Famous home appliance industry Marketing Bo Feng combat expert, said any new industry growth and development are inseparable from the industry to develop enterprises in the industrial market cultivation of devotion to adhere and vigorously promoted. Solar water heater industry is inseparable from the development and popularization of the contribution of Wong Ming; the same development of air to water heater industry also needs a positive role in promoting the same interests.

“Gas-electric hegemony” situation shaken, water heater market new energy future, call the shots

With the development of new energy industries, the domestic water heater market is no longer a “gas-electric hegemony, the two dominant” situation, solar water heaters since 2009, into the areas of home appliances to the countryside has been ushered in three four towns and the rapid development of rural markets, according to industry analysis, solar water heaters will be 20% to 30% annual pace.

In the secondary market, the strong popularity of air to water heater will further erode the air to water heater gas water heaters and electric water heater market share since 2003 has developed more than 300 vendors, selling air to water heater , This includes many of the original production of electric water heaters and gas water heater manufacturers, 2008, the air to water heater market has reached 1.84 billion yuan sales volume in 2009 is expected to break 3.0 billion. Which accounts for about 45% of household machines, business machines accounted for about 55%; China Pump Industry Association, vice chairman of Mr. Tang Bikui said in an interview in the air to water heater market, expected future sales growth, about 30%.

Thus, the emergence of new energy water heater has broken the domestic water heater market in the past, “gas-electric hegemony” of the pattern of future domestic water heater market, new energy will gradually occupy the lead position. BOLA TANGKAS
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