Reactions In Order To Girl Kissing With Girl – What’s Going On?

Over the past years there have been lots of celebrities who do the girls kissing girls in a very public manner and also have shocked huge numbers of people world wide. First, there was the Britney-Madonna open mouthed kiss , after which the underaged Miley Cyrus kissing at least several different females on various occasions throughout shows and just just lately .

“Since when did it become a cool thing in order to kiss girls to create out together at celebrations and pubs?” announced one headline . The irrepressible Tyra Banks even coined a brand new term for the entire thing, she’s called these girls as “Barsexuals,” and knowing how Ms. Tyra works, she in fact devoted a whole section of the girl’s show just referring to the whole scandalously hilarious escapades . This didn’t assist that Katy Perry’s song “I Kissed a woman and I Liked It” topped the actual charts with regard to seven consecutive weeks , and even though the video did not in fact show girls kissing girls the actual lyrics absolutely opened the floodgates associated with personal expression for a number of young girls and women alike.

The first reaction people get once they see these is to think that everything is funny, after which the dust settles and everyone shouts towards the higher heavens of how ashamed they felt, or how sinful the world is becoming, some even called it immoral deeds completed in the name of entertainment. Fact is girls kissing girls has been going on for that longest time and it is only now that individuals are starting to hear, see and read about the social taboo.

Girls kiss ladies all the time: females kiss their own daughters and daughter kisses their own mothers , yes on the lips! We must face the actual cool hard details that there is a gay community available and it is time for you to finally accept them . They kiss each other constantly and have been doing the work for years and years. Love or perhaps hate all of them , women continues to kiss each other, no matter the thoughts regarding others . Full stop . BOLA TANGKAS