Reading Glasses and Their Purpose

Have you suffered from any eye problems, such that it crippled your ability to carry on your day-to-day activities? What type of problems have you suffered? There are many people who are unaware of the various kinds of optical problems they might encounter in a life time. This article is devoted to clearing their misconceptions and increasing their overall knowledge about this vital sense organ.

Reading glasses and distance glasses can make a big difference in our lives and are important for the things we do on a daily basis such as reading, writing, typing, driving, browsing the internet or just seeing clearly. Clear vision is something that distance and reading glasses can provide for us, but there is a low awareness of this among many people.

Far Sightedness

First of all, when ever you hear or read the any of any eye problem, carefully observe the first word in the nomenclature. If its far away, it means that your eye can focus distant objects clearly, but fails to view nearer objects with precision. A definite amount of blurriness marks the images formed on your retina when we look at try to perceive objects that are closer to us than a certain critical distance. How will you find out this critical distance?

Hold a page of printed text or some textual material in your hand and start bringing it close to your eyes, until and unless, its no longer in focus. The point in space where this transition occurs is the critical distance in question. Scientifically speaking, this disease which is known to ophthalmologists and opticians as hyperopia, occurs when the inverted image formed by the light rays, forms at a point beyond the retinal plane. In order to refract the light rays more and make them focus at the proper spot, we need to wear convex lenses. Although people can require reading glasses at any age, this problem finds most of its victims in the aged citizens of society.

Short Sightedness

If an eye problem is called short sightedness, it necessarily means that your vision is alright when it comes to focusing nearer objects but can’t carryout the same function for farther or distant objects. This eye problem is on the rise among children and teenagers owing to the massive exposure of visual media in the form of movies, endless hours of watching television from an unhealthy distance, computer games which employ a large camaraderie of visual effects which not only serves eye candy, but can also turn you almost blind.

Short sightedness is one of the most dangerous diseases one can ever be afflicted with. In our day to day activities our gross ability to perceive farther objects is very essential or else we turn handicaps. Now if that power is taken away from us, we might as well stay confined to our four walls and spend the rest of our lives in misery. An easy way out of a myopic state is using concave lenses to visualize distant objects clearly.

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