Ready To Be The Next Master Chef? Get Yourself Some Carbon Dioxide Cylinders!

The era where food preparation has reached a whole new level starts now. People are no longer content in the perfection of served food but they demand that their aesthetic tastes be fulfilled as well. Thus, superbly flavored food staples and beautifully presented dishes are not only limited to high end restaurants. Even homes are now serving their dinners in a fashion that would compete with high end food industries.

Personalized preparation by a loved one seems to bear more meaning to an already special evening. But how does someone prepare a meal like a seasoned chef? It would not take an army and a lot of money to prepare a sumptuous meal. You just need to have the right kitchen utensils, patience, and ingredients on hand and ready. The latest tools that have invaded the market are the handy carbon dioxide cylinders and nitrous oxide cartridges. They have been designed to be user-friendly and safe to handle. The ordinary kitchen might turn into a mad scientist’s laboratory, but it is not hard to master these tools at all.

Carbon dioxide cylinders are used to create fizz in even the most mundane of drinks, like water. Nitrous oxide cartridges are used to bring out the most froth in ordinary whipped creams, thus, doubling the volume.

These tools are a neat way to teach your children how to be more interested in kitchen chores like cooking, a sort of bonding moment for all of you. There is nothing like a little experimentation could bring out the enthusiasm out of your child. The kitchen has always been a big part of any home; and when meals are fun to prepare, everyone wants in on the action.

Nitrous oxide has similar properties to carbon dioxide, wherein both gases can be compressed to a liquid and will also yield a large amount of expanded gas even for a small-sized cartridge or cylinder. Nitrous oxide cartridges and carbon dioxide cylinders are compatible to varied food applications. Both gases are non-flammable at room temperature that is why they are relatively safer for most households.

Nitrous oxide is versatile and easily combines into the heavy cream to create a richer, denser texture. It is also a tasteless and safe gas, so it does not compromise the flavor of the cream.

This useful tool is also quite handy behind the bar. It converts ordinary tap water to carbonated water or sparkling water. Every good bartender has one because soda siphons yield sparkling water that retains its fizzy and bubbly properties longer; as compared to store bought sparkling that becomes flat quicker. It’s the perfect tool in giving cocktails that extra sparkle. Using a soda siphon, you can make bowls of generic punch foamy and bubbly to give it that festive edge.

Soda siphons are not limited to alcoholic beverages. It could be used for lemonades and fresh fruit juices so the child who loves chugging down sugary store bought soda can have healthier options. It also gives everyone the luxury of having sparkling water whenever and however they want it.