Real Water Concentrate – The Water Ionizer Revolution

In an industry primarily based on assisting consumers resolve every day challenges ranging from supplying unique and high impact items to the capability to take handle of their monetary future, True Water, LLC appears uniquely positioned to accommodate both, in a solution category that crosses all economic, social, and cultural boundaries drinking water!

In what has been coined “The Healthier Water Revolution”, customers are much more than ever demanding high requirements when it comes to their drinking water. Whether or not it is with premium bottled water or pricey residence filtration units, drinking water is the fastest expanding segment of the whole beverage marketplace.

The Challenge: Most Water and Water-Primarily based merchandise we drink have two extremely widespread issues. 1) The water has been broken, causing totally free radical harm and poor absorption. 2) The water is quite acidic. A common answer in combating these challenges has been with house unit technologies that assists generate an ionized “Adverse ORP” pH Enhanced Alkaline water. The result is Electron rich water that assists with cellular hydration, combat free of charge radicals, and a host of other advantages.

Regrettably, till not too long ago the only way to create Ionized Water from residence was with Pricey Property Units ranging from $ 1,000 to $ four,000 or a lot more but it is not a convenient choice although traveling or just simply away for the day.

The Solution: Actual Water Concentrate comes in a convenient 4 ounce dropper bottle. With just a couple of drops in your glass or bottle of water, you can actually turn ANY water into Negatively Ionized Alkaline Water immediately and conveniently. The Real Water Club, LLC, realizing the significance and incredible demand for generating an economical and handy remedy to this challenge, has just released Real Water Concentrate.

—All this for much less than $ 40 for months provide. Just A Few Drops of True Water Concentrate Into Your Drinking Water Tends to make it… 1) Optimal For Cellular Hydration two) Promotes Physique Alkalinity 3) Assists with Nutrient Delivery To Your Cells 4) Neutralizes Free of charge Radicals (AntiOxidant) five) Neutralizes Chlorine and Fluoride

The Actual Rewards compensation program has been developed to advantage the part timers as effectively as the professionals. A simple binary coupled with a generous unilevel with a sturdy 30% second level get our members into profit speedily. The Leadership Pack, a Organization in a Box with ample item, DVD’s and brochures, pays robust fast cash whilst also funding the binary/unilevel. A $ 39 month-to-month qualifier with no PV/BV games, free of charge memberships and web sites and a 5% Bonus Pool tends to make this a dream plan!

The Real Water Club, LLC, is experiencing tremendous consideration throughout its current prelaunch phase and is attracting network advertising sector leaders positioning to be the 1st to launch this revolutionary solution to the masses.