Realise The True Benefits Of Telepresence As An Essential Tool For Business Success!

Media coverage in the last few weeks has been consumed with gloomy headlines about the fallout from 81bn of public spending cuts and a mooted 500,000 public sector job losses; January’s VAT rise to 0.20; and worries about the fragility of the US economy; all fuelling further caution amongst the UK’s recovering economy.

Before we talk ourselves into a double-dip recession, businesses must strive to become more efficient, reduce overheads, focus on growth and drive change.

No one is suggesting that video communications will rebalance the UK economy, but the business case for embracing the unified communications revolution becomes difficult to ignore for both public and private sector organisations.

The business world is changing, are you?

Pervasive globalisation, escalating operating costs, increasing business complexity and growing customer demand for immediacy is all forcing organisations to reassess traditional communication channels.

It’s not all doom and gloom, business quality video conferencing and telepresence does not cost the earth. Companies are rapidly taking advantage of visual communications technology, realising that video conferencing and telepresence is the cost-effective way to communication and collaborate globally.

A successful business has to think positively and expand the boundaries; video conferencing, telepresence and audio-visual collaboration & visualisation solutions can reinvent the way leading organisations communicate and interact.

Don’t throw productivity down the tube; become video enabled and collaborate with colleagues from home…

With staff on the London Underground rail network planning yet more tube strike action in October and November, millions of commuters face further travel disruptions as businesses in and around London once again face the possibility of lost productivity and revenue. Previous strikes on the Underground network are reported to have cost the UK economy around 50m a day simply because staff can’t get to their offices on time, if at all.

The impact isn’t just felt by London based firms and setbacks such as this are just not acceptable! With businesses still facing challenging market conditions, enduring further damage caused by transport disruption is largely not welcomed.

Adopting home working contingency plans

Movi, the personal video conferencing solution offered by TANDBERG, now part of Cisco, was designed for the mobile office. Running from a laptop, PC or Mac, Movi adds mobility to the benefits of business quality video communications. Capable of delivering HD quality video, Movi can enable thousands of enterprise users to connect securely from public or remote work spaces.

The importance of being able to remain visually connected during times of travel disruption can be hugely beneficial. Companies who employ this simple yet powerful video communication and collaboration tool can operate with the confidence that their employees have the capability to work wherever, whenever…

Though industrial disputes such as strikes by Underground staff highlight the benefits of Movi in extreme situations, it has the potential to be much more than just a tool used during emergencies. Being able to visually communicate with colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers from home, on the road or even abroad provides employees with a superior level of flexibility. This can have a significant impact on the company; increased productivity, improved employee interaction and reduced travel costs.

So can you really afford to risk losing revenue from yet another serious transport disruption in 2010? Empower your employees with the ability to be visually connected, regardless of location, and these concerns will soon become a thing of the past! BOLA TANGKAS