Marketing on Facebook 2014

Social media advertising has changed significantly more than the past two years, specifically more than the last year. Marketing on Facebook has changed nearly completely during that time.

Prior to the last year, you could industry your product or service on Facebook in a couple of distinct techniques. For example, you could create a personal profile for yourself, get lots of Facebook pals, then send out messages on your profile that marketed your business. This was effective especially for tiny companies with a particular person at the helm who was an professional or opinion leader in their region.

Or you could develop a Facebook fan page, build up lots of fans, then put out normal marketing and advertising messages to these men and women.

The thought with either of these approaches was to place out intriguing material and create engagement with your group of close friends or fans.

Facebook didn’t really want folks to marketplace themselves with a individual profile, for reasons that will grow to be apparent in a minute. I preferred this method with my consumers up till not too long ago due to the fact it was a lot easier to get lots of Facebook close friends on a individual profile, than to get thousands of “likes” for a fan web page. But you could nonetheless market place by way of a private profile successfully up to the final year, and in some restricted cases you can nonetheless do it nowadays.

Note that each of these approaches above have been essentially free of charge, i.e. you did not have to pay something to Facebook.

The Changes

A couple of significant changes by Facebook have entirely changed how you can market place on the internet site.

1. They designed a new policy that you can not propose becoming a Facebook friend to anyone unless you know them personally. To the degree that they can enforce this, it completely eliminates the possibility of using a personal profile to market on Facebook, unless you come about to currently have thousands of friends (their limit is 5,000 friends for a private profile). You may possibly say “So what, Facebook doesn’t want you to use private profiles to market anyway?” But patience small 1, the plot thickens.

2. With a fan web page, anytime you posted something to the fan web page, it would no longer go out to all of your fans, but only to about 20%. Facebook worked out an algorithm to make a decision which individuals would see it, primarily based on who had been responding to your earlier posts, i.e. liking the posts, commenting or sharing, and so on. They justified this at the time by saying they wanted to make it less difficult for men and women by just placing up content in the news feed that they have been interested in.

three. Facebook designed a capability within the interface for the owner of a fan web page to “boost” their post, i.e. producing it visible to much more or all of their fans, by paying a charge, which varied depending on how a lot of fans you had. It could be as tiny as $ 20 or as high as $ 1,000, based on how a lot of fans you had. You would have to pay that for every single single post that you wanted to “increase.”

4. Facebook also changed the way the news feed worked in relation to individual profiles. Now anytime you posted some thing from a profile, it would only be noticed by about 20% of your close friends, these who interact with you the most on Facebook. Once once more this was justified as only providing people the content they are most interested in.

So I feel from the above you can see that these alterations have dramatically altered what you can and can not do on Facebook.

1. Unless you currently have thousands of pals on a Facebook individual profile, you will not be capable to construct 1 up to that level. If you try to add lots of buddies with individuals you do not know personally, Facebook could find out and suspend your account for up to several weeks.

two. If you already have thousands of pals on a personal profile, you can still industry utilizing that – theoretically. But the problem is that according to Facebook, now only 20% of your friends will see those posts.

3. Facebook has now clearly pushed absolutely everyone over to making use of a fan page to industry. But even right here, you will now pay cash each time you post anything, in order to “increase” it so every single one particular of your fans receives it.

For numerous years Facebook has had a pay per click ad program, where you could set up ads to show in the correct hand column, with a tiny picture and some text. I have utilised this plan and it works well. But now when you go to set up a new spend per click ad campaign on Facebook, the default sort of campaign is one that is developed just to get people to like your fan web page. You may possibly have noticed these in the proper hand column, showing a small picture and promoting a fan page with a “like” button.

Now What?

So now, from Facebook’s point of view, you will spend funds to get people to like your fan page and then you will pay money to send them messages.

You are most likely considering that I am pushing that we ought to all really feel resentful and quit using Facebook. And yes these modifications do rub me the wrong way simply because they are clearly funds motivated and they haven’t been fully honest about it.

But no, I am proposing we all get more than it and accept that Facebook marketing and advertising does expense income now and see it for what it is worth and use it if it tends to make sense for your companies. I am not one of those Polyanna-ish types who believe that everything on the Web should be totally free, and I do comprehend that following the venture capital phase, every single enterprise does have to make cash.

So here is the system for marketing and advertising on Facebook nowadays.

1. Generate a fan page for your company

two. Operate to get lots of fans for the fan page. 100-200 are not adequate to make it worth it to send out lots of messages. You need a minimum of say 500 and a lot more most likely, thousands.

3. Set up a Facebook pay per click campaign to promote for individuals to “like” your web page. Bear in thoughts when setting this up that you want to target people who are prospective paying clientele, not just any person.

4. A single organization, for whom I manage Google AdWords, has a very effective Facebook fan web page. They have run numerous promotions to get far more likes. For instance, they have supplied a giveaway, exactly where in order to be in the operating for the giveaway you have to a) like their fan page, and b) share the post about the giveaway on their news feed.

5. Utilizing the “boost” function, you can supply some sort of giveaway like this, geared to getting much more likes, and enhance it even beyond all your fans..

six. Set up “like us on Facebook” buttons all through your net website.

7. Study the Facebook fan pages of other productive businesses in your sector and make a list of the types of posts they are carrying out that make sense for your sector. Also note which ones are getting lots of engagement, i.e.. likes and comments and shares. Figuring out what sorts of things to post is one particular of the hardest issues, but if you locate a couple other truly great fan pages to study, it can make the method a lot less difficult.

eight. Start sending out messages at least 2-5 occasions per week. Function to get engagement from your fans.

Right here are some Facebook fan pages which I think are managed very well:

Note they post a lot of items, use a lot of images, and get a lot of engagement.