Reasons Why You Are Going Ice Skating

If you are wondering what clothing for ice skating to wear, let’s think of the purpose and who you are with first. I can list for you so many reasons why people go on ice skating so that any reader from experts to the amateurs can find this article touched.


1. Who’s Going for a Contest?


If you are competing for an ice skating contest then there’s a lot of thing that you need to put in mind before selecting the kind of clothe that you will be wearing. Some even need suggestion from experts so they can be able to be dressed in their best during the competition.


Wear something that is fitted and sleek but not that thick because it can hinder you from moving. Make sure that your hair is neatly tied so you wouldn’t get distracted with it while skating. The clothing for the higher torso must hug the curves of the body well. Choose a color that is striking in the eyes of the audience even if they are far from you, they will notice how fabulous your outfit is.


Don’t buy ready made clothes in shops because they don’t exactly fit you. Always go for customize attires. The fabric must be something that is not annoying to wear. Wear thick but not stiff tights. Thick tights will surely protect you from the cold surroundings in the skating rink. Always have a coat on hand that you can wear while you are not yet skating. The cold can produce chills that can later on disrupt the contraction of your muscles while skating. Wear gloves to protect your hand from chills.


2. Date? be lovely with your ice skating attire.


If you are going on a date, wear a thick long coat. For the inside garments – the tops must be loose on the shoulder yet makes you look sexy whilst skating. Wear stretched jeans that are not too thick but not too thin so it will be comfy for you to wear. Don’t wear bonnets because it can steal from you the chance to expose your long wavy hair.


3. Are you with your friends?


If you are with your chums, why not choose shirts that have the same style but comes in different colors and gloves that are similar to each other too. Isn’t that a great Idea?

4. Relaxing by yourself.


If you will go there by yourself to unwind, don’t overlook to bring some moist proof music player so you can enjoy your own type of music while skating. Wear something that is comfy for you. Wear bonnets if you like, big headsets, and of course cute jackets.