Recent Google Penalty For Link Building Spam

All money making webmasters and online marketers marketing their sites through SEO (search engine optimization) know the importance of link building and how backlinks can help a site get higher in search results for a given search term. However, link building practice for higher ranking didn’t even exist in mid 90s when all webmasters needed to do was to submit their site to the search engines optimizing the meta tags and stuffing the keywords whole bung of times on the site body. Those days are long gone and starting late 90s, online business owners started realizing the need for link building to outrank the competition. Link building these days however is not as it used to be 10 years ago.

Out of all the 3 major search engines out there, Google has the highest standards in terms of search rankings and it also offers the most amount of visitors to our sites at the same time. So dealing with Google’s high standard pays off at the end if one knows what she or he is doing. It is the objective of Google to deliver most relevant search results to its visitors to let the visitors gain most relevant search results and at the same time make the investors and stockholders happy with increased advertising revenue. For which Google maintains its ranking algorithm keeping the high standard in mind that delivers relevant result weeding out the spam sites or sites that resort to spamming methods of acquiring backlinks.

It is well known that more backlinks you have, higher your site ranks on search results. An that all mattered about 10 years ago. Online marketers found it a little too easy to generate those backlinks in spamy and shady methods like guestbook spam, comment spam, sitewide links, .EDU spam, and these days of web 2.0 with blog comment spam. Google has been working hard to weed out those worthless sites by filtering out the spam links and assigning penalties for suspicious link building. Just a recent Google algorithm update that just took place 2 weeks ago made another significant improvement dealing with the ever-growing spam links and duplicate content.

Sites that are in the practice of buying (which is against Google policy) sitewide links, sites that submit the same article to several hundred article directories, sites that spam .edu and .gov sites, and sites that copy content from other sites are being penalized and not being found anywhere on search results.

So how in the world legit online marketers and site owners will get their site ranked high these days? Well, all the doors are not closed yet, not for legitimate sites and site owners. There are plenty of methods of link building that a site owner can utilize that will still get the site healthy relevant backlinks and will rank the site for its desired search term over the due course of time. If you keep it to the basics of setting up a site with unique content and focus on relevant backlinks form other sites in a white hat manner, then you still can outrank the competition as it is all about the quality of backlinks these days and not the quantity.
Tayo Lang Ang May Alam – Peryodiko

Directed by: Pam Miras and Timmy Harn
Cinematography: Gym Lumbera
Addl. Photography: Jippy Pascua, Malay Javier & Charles Salazar
Editing: Sandra Santiago

Starring: Alessandra Da Rossi, Carissa Adeya, Vince Mendoza