Recommendations For Women On Date – Some Ways To Keep the Date Going Well

In some cases, they may experience interesting and confusing time when dating. Many dates take place with troubles during the period of dating, or at the beginning of the date or at the end of the date. Some dates are just fatal. It is not difficult to make difference between a good date and a bad ones, but in some occasions where you can’t not gurantee if the start is great, or the ending horrible. When on a date to give you an idea of how things are happening, it is necessary to learn some things.


a.Conversation – Great dates start with great conversation. If you both feel like you can talk for hours on end, that’s a positive sign. Constant flow of chit-chat is an indicator that you share things in common and that you seem to get along. Awkward silences and little to talk about on the other hand, are signs that maybe this isn’t going very well at all.


b. Body Language – Is your date leaning in when they talk to you? Are they making eye contact? Do they smile a lot? If you find that you’re good at reading body language you should be able to tell how the date is going. If your date leans forward when they talk to you, make a lot of eye contact, and smile quite a bit, chances are that your date is really in to you and is attracted to you. However if they are a bit stand-offish in posture, seem distracted in eye contact, and don’t smile often, there is definitely something amiss in the chemistry.


c. Fun! – It’s very easy to tell whether or not a date is going well by how much fun you’re having. Dating is supposed to be about spending quality time with people and enjoying each other’s company. If either you or your date feel that you may not be enjoying yourself, maybe this is the sign that it’s time to move on, thank them for a nice evening and let the date dissolve gently.