Recycling Reusable Products – Hot Reasons for Going Green by Recycling!

When we as individuals retrain our habits just a little bit, we can make an important difference in the conservation of our natural resources. We need to give intentional thought to the fact that if we use them up – they are gone and cannot be restored. It is simple, environmentally responsible and a lot of fun to recycle! It makes you feel good inside to know that everyday, you are making a positive change. It’s nice to know that you are a proactive part of the solution instead of a non-thoughtful part of the problem. Here are some hot reasons to help you incorporate recycling into your everyday lifestyle and begin feeling good!

Recycling saves the planet’s trees. That is very important for a lot of great reasons. When we save trees, we protect our fragile wildlife habitats and encourage biodiversity. Over half of the planet’s forests are already gone. Over 95% of the original forested regions in the United States are gone forever. We need to start planting tress and stop chopping them down!

When we use recycled materials, we decrease the demand for the senseless destruction of our natural resources like timber, petroleum and mineral ores. This reduces the devastating effects to our wetlands, forests, rivers, streams, lakes and all other areas that are integral to the survival of countless wildlife species.

When we recycle, we decrease the amount of toxic chemicals used in manufacturing. The recycled materials have no need to be chemically altered because they already have been in the past. Of course, this also lessens the costs of production and thereby the price of the items ultimately.

Recycling reduces the effects and continuation of global warming. When we cut down energy consumed in the processes of production, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions and various other air pollutants. This is important for the preservation of life in general. It is well worth doing.

By implementing individual and familial plans to initiate recycling into our lives, we can reverse the death-causing pollutants released into our land, water and atmosphere!

Using virgin materials for the production of products creates far more water pollution than does producing the same products with recycled materials. The processes involved in transforming our trees into paper products consumes more water than any other industrial process. The result is billions of gallons of polluted water being dumped into our rivers, lakes and streams. Recycling plants use treated wastewater for their production processes and they use a lot less of it.

Our landfills are full. There is no more room available. Cyanide, dioxins, mercury, methane, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and lead are constantly escaping into the atmosphere and leaching out into groundwater supplies. Recycling reduces the need for landfills dramatically.

When we recycle, we decrease the necessity for incineration. Incineration causes the release of multiple forms of air pollutants as well as contaminated ashen byproducts. These emissions are making countless humans and animals very sick – everyday! The incineration of glass, plastic, paper and metals needs to stop. We need to recycle these products to clean the very air that we breathe!

Jobs and economic development are created by recycling. Tens of billions of dollars can be introduced into the economies of our states by recycling efforts alone. There are plenty of well-developed, unbiased statistics that prove this yet people continue to simply not care. Instead of selling recycled products to generate revenue, municipalities continue to dump billions of dollars straight into the grounds at landfill sites and into the air at incineration plants.

If we do not take on the responsibility of saving our environment, who will? The government? Corporate America? The answer is that all of us have the direct responsibility to protect and preserve out planetary home. It’s far past time to wake up, people. We need to become proactive concerning our environmental responsibilities. We all need to recycle and use only recycled products!