Reduce Acne Outbreaks – How Clean Are You Really?

If your acne is the bane of your existence and reducing outbreaks has become your mission in life you must deeply question how clean you really are. I’m sorry to say that living in a material world makes us humans much more prone to touching other things – dirty things. These dirty things are more than likely causing you more acne suffering than you care to endure.

Along with you diet and other lifestyle aspects, your acne is caused by several factors. These factors are more in your control than you may realize and you can start making changes that can greatly reduce the environment that produces more unwanted acne.

So let’s get to it: I want to talk to you today about dirt. Everything you touch and carry with you naturally gets dusty and dirty. That’s obvious, right? Well, let’s take a look at all of the dirty things that you touch and that touch you (and your face, specifically).

First, your let’s consider your face itself. How clean is your face? do you wash it several times a day? How often do you wash it during the summertime?

Your hair often touches your face. How clean is your hair, especially in the summer? What products do you put in your hair, and do those products trap more dirt that touches your face?

Do you wear makeup? Does the make up trap more dirt? Is the make up itself dirty? How easy is it to remove, and are you making your face dirtier when you try to remove it?

Is the shirt you’re wearing clean? Do you ever wipe your face on your shirt, especially in the summer? Does your shirt have any swear words on it? Just kidding.

Are your pillowcase and sheets clean? When was the last time you changed your pillowcase?

Are your towels clean? How about the hand towels in the bathroom you use most often? Are you adding more dirt to your hands after you’ve washed them by using dirty towels?

For that matter, how clean are your hands, and how often do you touch your face? Do you have any mannerisms in which you touch your face without even thinking about it?

Is your cell phone dirty? I can probably answer that one for you. Sanitize your cellphone regularly (but be careful! You don’t want your new smartphone glitching because you got antibacterial goop in the buttons).

How clean are your friends? I know my friends are fairly gross. Do your friends touch your face, kiss you, or rub their greasy hair on you when they give you hugs?

My goal is not to turn you in to an obsessive-compulsive hand washer who dreams of living in a bubble but has a perfectly radiant complexion. I just want to point out to you that there may be more that’s contributing to your acne outbreaks than you may have noticed.

Take some time to make your life and your personal environment a little more dirt-free, and I can virtually guarantee you that your acne outbreaks will be less frequent and severe.