Reliable Manufacturer Of Holograms

When additional holographic labels are required then paper label with holograms is perfect, like food and beverages package where ingredient as well as nutritional information is available.

Holographic hot stamping foil is available in the roll form. Well you can guess by name, the foil is actually fused on to host ground with the help of pressure a heat. However the host surfaces can either of the few things like plastic, paper etc.

There are so many companies which manufacturers holograms but its good if you approach reliable hologram manufacturer especially for security reasons. As you will get to know about many companies once you do the Google search. But go through the details of each and every company and then take a final decision.

Alpha lasertek was discovered by the Gurkiran Dhillon who is currently the managing director in the year 1991. Our main aim is to create most effective technology so as to help the Indian customer in recognizing the fake product in the market. In India is the most reliable hologram manufacturer. After going through various print based as well as optical technologies we initiated holography as key technology. We offer customized high security hologram and tampers evident label in several shapes, sizes and different color foils, moreover in customized foils with different thickness films. These tamper proof labels as well as tamper evident labels can only be supplied in the form of sheet and in roll form that can either be supplied manually or with the automatic labeling machine. We make the use of laser etching as well as thermal deposition for the trace and track of the holograms. We also use flexographic printing which is UV based especially when the hologram has to be applied on the printing labels. We offer different kinds of products such as holographic pouches, holographic induction sealing wads, holographic shrink sleeves, holographic scratch off labels, holographic labels, holographic hot stamping foil, etc. BOLA TANGKAS