Remembering the Good Side of Michael Jackson

This is a shock to everyone all over the world. The most talked about news for the next few weeks. An idol in every way possible. A legend at a young age with faithful followers similar to Elvis. He brought music to a whole new level and accomplished so many obstacles to get there. His dancing will be missed as well as the generousness and kindness of his well being.

Michael Jackson dead at 50 years old. It is still hard to believe that this is real.

Let us talk about the death of the pop star icon.

It was in Holmby Hills in Los Angeles where he collapsed at his rented mansion in the exclusive neighborhood and was rushed to hospital by paramedics before being pronounced dead at 2.26 PM.

The reason behind his sudden death is said to be of an illness of cardiac arrest. An autopsy will be done and we will know the real reason in a few weeks. Was it drugs that led to this? I guess we will have to wait.

Even though with all the rumors about Michael Jackson and the strange things he had done in his bizarre life, his sudden death surely brings sadness in the heart of people all over the world.

Putting all the negativity behind, he is one legend that brought Pop in the music industry. His music was unlike any ones else. No one could copy what he had created because there was only one Michael Jackson.

His voice had helped the world to see around in clearer way, to make the world to be a better place, to be family with one another regardless of colors, religions and languages. He believed in a higher power which enabled him to continue his healing work all over the planet. Even though Michael Jackson is no longer with us, he will always be with us in our hearts.

Rest in Peace.

Thank You for all the good you have done.

You are now free to roam the universe.