Removing Chloramines From Your Drinking Water is Simple and Extremely Important For Your Health

Removing chloramines from your water is simple if you have the right equipment.  Most people however, do not think that these disinfectants pose enough of a danger to them to go through the trouble of purchasing and installing a home water purification system.  These people are fooling themselves if they think that their health is not being jeopardized by ingesting this chemical through unfiltered tap water.

Chlorine has been the predominant agent in the family of chloramines for disinfecting our water.  This chemical has been in use for over one hundred years, and has saved countless lives through the prevention of the spread of the majority of waterborne diseases.  Chlorine and others chloramines are suspected of extracting a toll of their own however.

Scientists and medical professionals now say that removing chloramines from your drinking water is extremely important for your health.  The disinfection of our water supply has coincided with a meteoric rise in the number of cancer cases, and cancer deaths, over the course of the last century.  Evidence of the link between disinfection and cancer can be seen in every country that uses these chemicals in order to purify their water.

The maximum estimated safe level for these chemicals is 4PPM, but there are many times when the levels in your water exceed this limit.  If the reservoir supplying your home were a public swimming pool, and the chlorine level exceeded 4PPM it would need to be temporarily closed down under law.  No service interruption is required for your drinking water when the disinfectant level is high.

The 4PPM ceiling is just an estimate, because we really do not know at what level these chemicals become toxic.  The U.S. EPA based these limits on the effect it is theorized that these chemicals would have on a 150 lb. man.  If you are a small person, or if you have children in your home, then I feel that you should see more clearly why removing chloramines is important simply based on that fact.

These disinfectant agents are but one of the threats to your health that you face each and every time that you drink a glass of water.  There are tens of thousands of chemical agents in our water, and any one of them is a danger to you.  There are also parasites and cysts that survive disinfection, and the toxic heavy metal traces that are ever present.

For removing chloramines and other chemical contaminants you need a purification system that utilizes the dual action of an activated granular carbon filter, and a multi media block.  Parasites and cysts can be eliminated easily with a sub micron filter, and an ion exchange will swap those hazardous metal traces for healthy electrolytes.  This four-pronged attack gives you all of the protection that you need.

Removing chloramines and other contaminants is vital if you want to guarantee that you maintain good health.  Take action to remove these impurities from your water today, and it will better your chances for a brighter, healthier tomorrow.