Removing Windows Media Player Totally and Completely

Have you ever been upset on how your windows media player serves you? Have you experienced that it can’t smoothly play images, songs and videos? Additionally, unlike any other computer players, windows media player does not support certain formats like “avi” unless you install a separate decoder. These are just few of the reasons why lots of computer users opt to uninstall windows media player. But, uninstall windows media player is not that easy especially for average computer users since it is a part of windows operating system. The “uninstall” option is not readily available for us to choose. However, there are two methods that might help you to completely uninstall Windows Media Player programs from your computer. Before going on to the steps, you should know that full removal means you have removed all the references of the program on your drivers. That includes the main program, registry entries and the expand media features.

The Manual Way to Uninstall Windows Media Player

You have to reboot your computer and you get into the Safe Mode. This can be done by restarting your computer and during the process press F8, choose “Safe Mode” and hit “Enter”.
When you are done with the first step, click “Start” and then click “Run”. After this type “appwiz.cpl” (without quotations) and click “OK”.
After that, choose Windows Media Player and then click “Remove”
After clicking the “Remove” you just have to follow the instructions to accomplish the uninstalling process. Restart your computer.

There is also an automatic to uninstall Windows Media Player The first method was just the standard way of uninstalling Windows Media Player from your computer but it does not guarantee you that it will be able to remove all the related features and registry entries. So if you really want to completely remove Windows Media Player, then you must try an automatic method. In just a few minutes a highly recommended uninstaller named Perfect Uninstaller can completely uninstall Windows Media Player from your computer without any traces. You can put be confident with Perfect Uninstaller since it has already built a great reputation in the Computer utilities industry.