Renovate Your Bathroom to Go Green and Eco-Friendly

A couple weeks ago I was watching this popular evening talk show on TV. The female host was interviewing a local superstar about his future career plans and his new house. She asked him what he feels was his favorite part of the house. He paused for a few seconds before saying, “I think it’s the bathroom.” He said, “That’s my favorite part of the house. I find it easy to relax in there and gain some space, some peace of mind, and really think about my family and my career.”

The bathroom is indeed a very personal part of the entire house, which is why it’s very important to design an eco-friendly and elegant bath for your home. There’s a hundred ways to “go green” these days—apparently everybody’s dying to save the planet—but it’s hard to make a choice if you don’t really know what you’re doing.

Here are some tips to help you make that choice…

1. Renovation begins on the surface

Think about renovating your bathroom, and the most obvious thing that comes to mind is the surface. A well thought out bathroom surface not only encourages good health and best hygiene practices, it also lets you “go green” for Mother Earth.

Consider using a bamboo surface for your bathroom. Bamboo surface is, first and foremost, anti-microbial as well as water-resistant, perfect for bathroom settings. Natural linoleum is also a sound choice as it is similar to bamboo and biodegradable and easy to maintain.

2. Cut down on new furniture

Renovating the bathroom doesn’t mean you should run out to buy a new set of cabinets to replace your old ones. The urge may be stronger for some people, but refuse it at all costs.

Recycling and repurposing your existing furniture is still the most eco-friendly decision you can make for the environment. Customize your old cabinets by painting them a different color, draw designs inspired by your kids, etc. Or try the second-hard market by visiting neighborhood garage sales. Anything but having to make unnecessary purchases.

3. Save water

After watching Quantum of Solace, you should know that water is a very important natural resource. So if you want your bathroom to be labeled “green and eco-friendly”, you need to make sure it is designed to use up the least amount of water as possible.

Install lavatory faucets and additional bathroom fixtures designed to save water and energy.

4. Small things with big after effects

Step back and take a good look at your renovated bathroom. Are you using Earth-friendly accessories? And are they being used in the right manner?

For instance, plastic shower curtains have been the norm since Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, but did you know these curtains can greatly affect the air quality within the small space of your bathroom? Consult with your interior designer on which accessories you can and can’t use in your newly-renovated eco bathroom.

Stick to following these tips and you’ll be taking a nice, long bubble bath in an environment-friendly bathroom in no time.