Report Of A Lie – “to Any Death Brightener” – Brightener, Additives – Food Industry

” Flour Whitening agent accused of lime powder to any death, “was false reporting, the report claims that a company in the flour brightener (should be Flour treatment agent ) Using lime powder, things to life.

Is the so-called lime powder Food Additives – Calcium carbonate, is commonly used in various foods Nutrition Enhancer , This should not be surprising. Calcium carbonate has two: one is calcium carbonate, is crushed limestone to a certain fineness used as food additives; the other is light calcium carbonate is calcined limestone been obtained. Jiangsu reports claimed “to any death brightener” is actually used calcium carbonate.

Calcium carbonate in food nutrition fortifier, which are often consumed calcium is the main ingredient – calcium carbonate, some of which are directly used to do the heavy calcium carbonate calcium supplements. Common calcium foods such as: calcium crackers, noodles calcium, calcium candy, etc. There are also fortified wheat flour to add calcium carbonate make calcium supplements, calcium supplements, many of whom food is the use of crushed limestone to a certain fineness of calcium carbonate product.

Calcium carbonate is widely used around the world are calcium additives on calcium carbonate in food in China has improved the use of codes and standards:

1, “food additives health standards,” the national standard GB2760-2007, Table 3 provides:
All food can add as calcium carbonate.
2, “food nutrition fortifier use of health standards,” the national standard GB14880-94 provides:
Dosage of calcium carbonate in grains and their products: 8g/kg.
Calcium carbonate in infant food dosage of :7.5-15g / kg.
Calcium carbonate in the liquid and drink Milk drinks Dosage of :1-2g / kg.
4, “fortified wheat flour,” the national standard GB/T21122-2007 provides:
Dosage of calcium carbonate in the flour :4-8g / kg, mainly for strengthening calcium.
3, “Food Additives diluted benzoyl peroxide” GB19825-2005, the provisions of calcium carbonate can be used as diluent. So Jiangsu Yu public company strict accordance with the production.

These are the “flour bleaching agent accused of lime powder to any death,” said calcium carbonate related to national standards, are interested can enter the standard for inquiry online verify.

Processing of calcium carbonate of limestone up to 30% of the “whitening agent to any death,” adding in the flour is only two ten thousandths, wheat flour will contain “up to” 0.06g/kg of calcium carbonate. According to relevant state regulations, with the processing of calcium carbonate limestone can be added in the amount of cereals and their products 8g/kg, is to “any death brightener” 130 times, with the processing of calcium carbonate limestone can be added in infant foods volume 7.5-15g/kg is to “any death brightener” and 125-250 times, these calcium foods may well “VIP immediately killed!” Too scary a!

Such a fortified calcium supplements – calcium carbonate how to be “the rule of law Weekend,” the report said to be any death product? This right and wrong, despite the fact that the reports have caused public panic in the country, resulting in less local law enforcement agencies have started investigation “to any death of flour.” Food Safety Is the relationship with each event, how can a few people lightly!

Flour brightening agent used in the lime powder is calcium carbonate in fact, not only harmless, but also enhanced calcium nutrition, and this is a good verification of knowledge, why are so many country overnight The media are false positives with this, it is not strange that? Only one interpretation, is planned premeditated manipulation of results, its purpose is to the commercial interests of some groups, to spend money to buy a number of media reporters, to put pressure on authorities to achieve the purpose of disabling the flour brightener, It’s no secret. BOLA TANGKAS