Research and Development For the Cure of Cancer

In order to create a revolution in the cure of cancer, we would like to create a brain trust developed from sources not properly being utilized. There are many cancer research companies that are currently searching for the cure of cancer. This method takes into account their work in the field and also aims to create new and innovative approaches to the cure of cancer.

The main idea lies in the creation of a new set of individuals who will work toward a cure for cancer. The first level of groups that will participate in the initial brain trust will be as state below. The optimal individual is a person who has large amounts of time to dedicate to research and development.

1. Retirees
2. Students
3. Prisoners

Retirees are a source of knowledge and experience that has been developed and also has the time to dedicate to the development of new cures and techniques. Students while young and less experienced have the added value of contributing with an open mind and being able to experiment with new ideas that can relate to their current coursework. Prisoners have a large amount of time and vary in age ranges. All of these three groups can contribute new ideas to the cure of cancer.

In return for their services, these individuals will gain a sense of accomplishment from giving back to the world and leaving it in a better place than they found it. Also any accomplishments will be solely awarded to the individual. All contribution of parties will be noted and published for public viewing.

As ideas grow to a point where testing needs to be performed, our institution will take the necessary steps to implement these tests and record all results. This helps to assure each contributor that their work will be verified and implemented to prove their idea’s validity. Although each test may give a certain result, the test may have not been completed or processed in the correct manner. These steps and results will be documented and published for the public to review.

As a result, we will compile a database of processes and results that can be used for the public to review and utilize in their attempts for further research for a cure. This will help the public to make decisions and provide an authority not associated to any interest groups. Each test can be performed and repeated by any individual at anytime under any condition if enough interest in developed for a reevaluation of a test.

In this manner we develop a greater amount of participation from the world regarding the cure of cancer and at the same time we are able to verify results though a controlled test environment verified by cancer specialists. The final step being recording, documentation, and publishing of this data to the public gives an added validity. The validation does not stop at the end of a test, but it is always open to review, improvement, and revalidation, as interested parties deem it necessary.

This system of developing fresh ideas and methods of controlling the research and development of these ideas might lead to new methods and processes for the treatment of cancer. The ultimate goal is the cure of cancer but at the time of this article, cancer is a unconquerable menace. This system of developing creative revolutions, is very low cost and effective in any economy due to its volunteer based contribution. In addition to developing this system with an independent testing center dedicated to the cure of cancer, gives this system an added validity in its results. Finally, this system can be used in the development and research of other technologies, deceases, and viruses.