Resolve ?no picture’ error message using memory card recovery tool

If you have recently lost cherished images or videos from your camera’s memory card, you know how painful it can be. Losing data from a memory card is always frustrating since you cannot even predict it. While handling or using a memory card, you can become a victim of data loss in instances like accidental deletion, logical corruption, or intentional or intentional formatting. Moreover, you might encounter a slew of error messages which eventually leave your data inaccessible. The only respites in such cases come from a nicely maintained backup. Backing up digital files is a good part of a disaster recovery plan as it helps you in mitigating the consequences of a data loss situation. But, in case you end up losing vital data in the form of audios, videos, photos and other multimedia files from a memory card, do not be panicky. You can recover lost or deleted data from a memory card by opting for appropriate memory card recovery software.

To understand the importance of recovery software, let’s consider a practical scenario. For instance, you have a memory card loaded with pictures and videos from a just concluded family vacation. You decide to download the data to your computer in order to share it with your friends over the Internet. When you connect your digital camera’s memory card with your laptop, you cannot access a single picture or video. A frustrated you insert the card back in the camera, and when you attempt to view saved pictures, you might receive the following error message:

“No picture”

The error is not a welcoming one as it indicates that there are no pictures or videos stored on the memory card.

Reasons behind abrupt behavior

If you are sure about the presence of pictures and videos on your camera’s memory card then, obviously, the above error message and strange behavior are totally unacceptable to you. Let’s take a look at the conditions which could prompt a digital camera to throw such a weird error message:

If you have loaded a blank or empty memory card in your camera
If you have inserted a wrongly formatted memory card in your camera
Or if the memory card is damaged or corrupt

Steps to isolate the problem

Here is a list of appropriate memory card recovery steps, choose the resolution as per your case or condition:

Double-check if you have inserted the correct card. If not, then replace it
Your camera cannot read a card which is not formatted as per its file system. In order to make a memory card compatible with your camera, format it.
And if your memory card is corrupt, you must reformat it in your digital camera and restore lost data from a backup. If a backup is not available, be swift, and download third-party memory card recovery software.

A software which supports recovery of lost data (photos, audios and videos) from a variety of memory cards is available and is recognized by the name of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery. This memory card recovery application, compatible with both Windows and Mac, supports recovery of all formats.