Restore the Truth of Diets

Generally, foods rich in sugar or fat, such as fried food are absolutely unhealthy and not encouraged to eat. But in fact, they can be eaten, but of course in a reasonable amount.

First, eating sugar is always unhealthy. In fact, it is not right. Sugar is essential, playing an important role in diets. Nutritionists say that as long as calories of sugar take up less than 10% of total calories of the food, it is healthy. Usually we think honey is good to the body but it is in fact a kind of refined sugar, every gram with 4 calories.

Second, eating eggs raise the level of cholesterol. In fact, there is little saturated fat in eggs. An egg only contains 1.5 grams. Thus, refusing to eat eggs is unwise because they are an important source of 13 kinds of vitamins.

Third, all saturated fat can increase the cholesterol. In fact, natural saturated fat stearic acid in coco powder, dairy products, poultry and coconut oil don’t increase the bad cholesterol. Instead, it can increase the good cholesterol.

Fourth, only healthy alcohol is red wine. In fact, beer, wine and white spirit have same healthy functions. Any reasonable amount of alcohol (1-2 glasses per day) can reduce the risk of getting heart disease.

Fifth, no salt is added in vegetables. In fact, salt in vegetables can prevent nutrients lose. When you put a spoon of salt in the dish, you can find that vegetables absorb not that much salt.

Sixth, fried food contains too much fat. As matter of fact, when you fry food in 180 degrees oil, the food absorbs less oil. And then put the fried food on a tissue for 1-2 minutes before eating.

Seventh, more dietary fibers, more better. In fact, not all dietary fibers have healthy functions and thus, you must pay attention to the source of fibers. For example, wheat bran helps digestion, oat bran reduces the cholesterol and inulin is good to the intestines. Experts say that people should eat less man- made dietary fibers which is not as nutritive as natural fibers from cereals, vegetables, fruit and beans.

Eighth, organic food is more nutritive than traditional food. In fact, the two have little difference in nutrients. But of course, traditional food may have pesticide residue.

Ninth, olive oil loses its healthy functions when heated. In fact, even refined virgin olive oil can not lose nutrients when heated. Monounsaturated fat which is healthy for the heart can not be damaged because of the change of oil temperature. As long as the temperature of oil doesn’t exceed 200 degrees and there is no smoke arising, the healthy ingredients in olive oil will not lose.