Results Not Going Your Way? Dance For the Following Reasons Instead!

The subjectivity of dance sport competitions can cause the results to vary greatly. As a dancer, you can only control how you dance. The resulting placement is in the judges’ hands. Therefore, being attached to results is quite futile and may lead the dancer to feel drained and frustrated.

It may even make him/her question whether or not to continue dancing at all. For instance, doing well in one competition makes you feel ecstatic. However, at the next competition you do not make the finals and you cannot help feeling miserable. Your emotions swing from one extreme to the next, leaving you feeling unfulfilled and disappointed.

It is my belief that whatever makes you feel really happy also has the power to make you feel really sad. So why give it any power at all? Why not clarify reasons that continuously empower you to keep dancing no matter what the results turn out to be? I have chosen the following three reasons to share with you, although there are many more. Remember these reasons and make them your daily intention for dancing.

Dance for the sake of learning a new art form. Isn’t that a great reason to dance on its own? Become curious about the dance form that you are doing. Find out the history behind the dances you are learning to understand their true character. When taking dance lessons be curious and ask questions about the information you receive. Explore the technique of the dance, and make a point to understand why this technique is being used and how best to execute it. So many times, people get caught up with just wanting to switch teachers, partners, choreography, that they forget to actually learn how to dance! In summary, enjoy the learning process itself.

Dance for the sake of self expression. In dancing, there are so many different styles and interpretations of steps, techniques, characters, feelings, etc.This gives room for the dancer to find his own unique approach to movement. Dancing allows you to express your personality in a variety of ways. You can raise the arm up or simply keep it on your hip/waist area. You can choose to be light or heavy in executing a particular move. You can be soft or strong, or a combination of both depending on what you want to portray. You choose! Sometimes in our daily lives we do not get the chance to really express our individuality but dancing can more than make up for it. So dance to self express.

Dance for the sake of feeling your energy. This one may seem a bit abstract at first but it is because we take for granted the fact that dancing raises our vibration frequency and makes us feel alive! Isn’t that a great reason to dance? Dancing brings you into the present moment, where you are not thinking about your work or your home life. For that time, you are in the “NOW”,and it feels great! As you dance, let yourself be completely present and feel your energy moving and soothing your whole body. Obsessing about your upcoming competition and how you will place is mind-created and actually only slows your progress. So put the music on, let go of all thinking and drift into the present moment of movement. You will feel like you dance better and most certainly enjoy it more. So dance to feel.

These are all obvious and very simple reasons to dance. But who said it should be complicated? A good dancing result is a bonus that may come and go, but your reason for dancing should be much grander! Remember these simple reasons and reinforce them over and over to yourself: Dance for the sake of learning, self-expression and feeling your energy. And remember, to be able to dance at all is already a privilege.