Resumes – Avoid These Five Major Resume Mistakes

The majority of resumes submitted for a position are rejected for simple reasons that are easily correctable. In order to avoid these mistakes on your document, you must know what they are and take preventative action. By being proactive here, you are increasing your chance of separating your resume from the others in competition for the same position.

The first thing that hurts many resume is spelling errors. By not taking the time to run the built in spell checker in the word processing program, it signifies that the submitter is either not professional enough to check the page for errors or simply isn’t smart enough to know that there are spelling errors on the page.

The second most prevalent problem is grammatical in nature. Improper usage of pronouns, writing in both first and third person on one resume and mixing up homonyms are just some of the mistakes that people make when writing their paper. Again, these can be easily fixed by having a trusted colleague or two review the resume before submission.

Next up is incorrect punctuation. Failing to capitalize a sentence, not placing periods at the end of a sentence and commas to delimit items in a list are just a few errors that are showing up more frequently on the resumes of today’s job seekers. By scanning your resume yourself followed by a trusted third party, these errors too are easily fixed.

Another area that needs attention is formatting. While there is no one universal method, a standard format calls for a one inch border around all four sides. Also, a Times New Roman or Arial font is recommended with a type face of size 12. This is easy to read and makes your resume look professional in all respects.

Finally, there is no universal resume that should be used to apply for any job. You need to either write a new resume for the current position desired or tailor a generic resume to showcase the skills needed to gain this position.

By avoiding these five common resume pitfalls, you are well on your way to separating yourself from the rest of the resume crowd and gain that much needed attention for your paper. Now go write that resume.