Retirement on the High Seas – Retirement Planning Reaches International Waters

Retirement plans must start at an early age if they are to succeed if you are a blue or white collar worker. There are numerous plans and even more strategies to consider to establish and maintain a viable retirement plan fund. It is very hard for the lay man to evaluate all these plans without the aide of a professional in the field. Things change so fast and occasionally the bottom falls out as it did recently. You have to know when to stay and when to go.There are substitutes for everything but I wouldn’t chance substituting a sound retirement plan for the the grim alternative.

However, I might plan to become a permanent resident aboard the Queen Elizabeth II as Bea Muller has done since 2005 and enjoy the privileges afforded by international law in open waters. Nursing home care has become so expensive, unpleasant, and involves so many penalties that those who plan wisely for the future can spend their hard-earned cash aboard comparatively cheaper and more accommodating quarters aboard a luxury ocean liner, one of many novel strategies adopted by inventive seniors. It’s not cheap to be certain, and, undoubtedly, Muller was well prepared financially before trying out this plan.

Wasting away in a home vs life on the open seas isn’t much of a contest in terms of appeal. International laws have some favorable tax applications and improved living conditions when compared to the retirement facilities and assisted living quarters that so many elderly people end up because of no family or a family that doesn’t want to take care of a family member. When my retirement plan fulfills its promise of a better life, I intend to flatter Muller with every bit of mimicry if the International laws still apply. There are many choices and this is a variation of the better life on a moving isle.