Reuniting With the Love of Your Life – How to Do it Right the First Time

After a bitter fight with my ex that caused our break-up, I thought of ways on how to get my ex back. I tried many “methods” on how to get with my former flame but some of these actions only caused more conflicts. Let me share with you some of the “methods” I tried so that you don’t end up with the same mistake.

• Tried to talk about the relationship ASAP – my number one mistake was when I insisted my ex talk to me about our problems as soon as possible. This only made matters worse because we were too emotional at that stage. We really didn’t thought about what we could do about the relationship since we were just blaming each other.

• Letting my ex know my pain, literally – because my former lover will not talk to me about our troubled relationship, I resorted to drastic measures – I locked myself in my room for days only getting out during meal time. While the news of my desperation certainly reached my former lover, my desperation only made my ex angrier. My ex wanted someone who can stand for themselves and not resort to cheap tricks for attention.

• Tried to make my ex jealous – getting your ex jealous will only make matters worst. Your former lover is already hesitant in getting you back and going out with someone else means you don’t want your old relationship back.

My best tip to you when you want to your ex back is to think before you act. Do not resort to desperate measures only to gain the attention of your ex. I tried to get my ex back through cheap tricks and it only made matters worse. Be rational about your actions so that you won’t find yourself doing something you will regret later.