Review of Aiptek Camcorders

Advanced Intelligent Personal Technologies in Taiwan manufactures Aiptek digital camcorders. In 1997, the company began producing digitizing tablets used for hand-drawing images directly into a computer. Today, they make a variety of electronic products including their multitasking Aiptek video recorders.

Aiptek digital camcorders are affordable. You can get the newest model for about $ 100. There are various models to choose from, and they’re all multifunctional acting as digital video recorders, pc cameras, audio recorders, MP3 players, and digital cameras.

For the most part, the reviews of Aiptek camcorders are favorable, but we’re going to take a look at both good and bad qualities.


These camcorders are very economical. Most reviewers were thrilled with the price they paid for their Aiptek video recorder.

Just think what you’d pay for an MP3 player, a voice recorder, a camcorder, a digital camera, and a webcam if you bought them all individually. An Aiptek video recorder can do it all for about one third the price.

Consumers are also raving about the quality of Aiptek camcorders. These cameras produce great colors and stunning pictures, and they have great sound quality.

There are many models to choose from such as the DV-3500, the MZ-DV, the DV-5700, the A-HD 720p High Definition camcorder, and the GO-HD 720p with optical zoom. With so many choices, you’re sure to find one that suits you.

Aiptek has a fully-trained staff of technical professionals who can be reached 24/7 if you need help or have a question.


Professionals looking for a higher-end product account for most of the negative Aiptek camcorder reviews. Even so, most of the less-favorable ratings are at least average.

The most common complaints concerned the short battery life, the lack of a lens cap, slow shutter speed, incompatibility with the Mac platform, and poor performance in low light.


An Aiptek camcorder is perfect for the home videographer seeking a multitasking video and audio solution, but it’s probably not right for professional photographers.