Rich In Art And History

London: A grand and cosmopolitan city with a twenty-four hour party life, and a multitude of world-class restaurants and bars. This sounds like more than a pocketful of fun, but you cant come to London just to let loose.
To get to know the city properly, you also need to acquaint yourself with its fascinating history to enjoy the perfect all-round trip. To assure comfort, stay in a luxurious hotel, where you can pamper yourself with a massage, meet new friends, or relax for a couple of hours in the evening with a good read.
By booking into one of the Kensington hotels you will be ideally placed to explore Londons day and night life. In Central London, Kensington has a thriving commercial heart, which will appeal to anyone interested in picking up some fine threads, or dining at a top-class restaurant.
From here, its time to explore the wealth of architecturally stunning museums in London that are far from boring. Many include fascinating displays and interactive exhibitions that are entertaining for hours!
The world-famous British Museum is highly recommended. Not just the history of London, this museum displays the history of mankind, and features ancient Egyptian mummies, Parthenon sculptures, and even the Rosetta Stone, all of which are housed in a beautiful building.
Another must see is the Tate Modern Museum, which is a unique building that was once a power station. This is Britains national museum of modern and contemporary art, and displays famous works by top artists such as Damien Hirst. It also has a restaurant with great views over the city, and even better, entry is free.
You cant visit London without checking out the mystique of the infamous Tower of London. This former palace, jail-house, and execution chamber has a history that stretches 900-years, and a tour will make you feel like youve stepped into a time machine.
And after a day spent getting to know historical London, its time to return to one of the hotels in Kensington, freshen up, and escape into the night, where you will get to know the modern delights of this city! BOLA TANGKAS