Rising to This Level of Leadership is Not Easy But it is to This Level Leaders Are Called

Why is it so vitally important to be at peace with Almighty God and to belong to and be at home in a committed Christian fellowship? Well, Christians are so different from the world. We are called to be like Jesus Christ in every way and that is not easy.

Our interests are different. Our values are different. Our standards are different. Our commitment, our hope, our strength, our attitudes and our way of looking at things will all be so very different from those of the world. Jesus made that so very clear.

It is only when we compromise in these areas that we know it and recognise it and when something might be said to us and we feel shaken.

Did you know that the world somehow knows more about how we should behave than we do? And, the world is watching closely.

The world is in such a mess just now I wonder if some people might be looking at our lives just to see if there is any reality and depth to what we claim to believe.

It has been said, that some people are in such a mess and so much need that they are crying out, “God, if there is a God, let me meet a real live committed Christian.”

Some people are so desperate.

This article is based upon Jesus Christ’s prayer in the Gospel of John Chapter 17. That is why Jesus goes on to pray in verse 15, “Do not take them out of the world; just protect them from the evil one.”

Keep them in the world and guard them and preserve them and keep them secure. Is it true to say that even Jesus Christ prayed risky prayers?

We remain in the world, and do whatever we can, and whatever we are called to do, and pass on the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those around us and to the next generation.

Who would pass on the message of mercy and forgiveness and sacrifice and shed blood and love and healing if it were not for the Church of Jesus Christ of which we are part and members of His Body. (I typed that embers of His Body, and in some places where people are being torched and burned that may be quite accurate!)

We are not to isolate ourselves from the world or in the world. We are called to be witnesses in our homes, at work, at school, in the shops and wherever we go.

Wherever we go for the remainder of our lives, our calling is to be the light of the world, and we are commanded to shine in the love and power of God.

But remember, as the evil one pours upon us cold water in an attempt to put out the fire, Jesus is pouring on the oil of the Holy Spirit to keep the fire burning in the hearts of the faithful.

Don’t tiptoe. If you are going to be a Christian, be one! This calls for courageous leadership, but always remember who it is who is calling you and who has chosen you. That is vital.

As Christ’s disciples, we are not of the world, but nor are we out of the world.

We are called in a similar way to Jesus, to be immersed in all its problems and brokenness, seeking to offer help and healing and comfort. Again, we need the leadership of Jesus Christ to inspire and augment our qualities of leadership/

This is why we so need God to keep us safe and to fill us with His love, and to anoint us with His power, to prevent us from becoming part of the problem.

We are called to be part of God’s answer to the problems of others. We are called to give leadership in seeking to answer and resolve the questions and problems of others. That is all involved in being lights in a dark world.

Yes, it is quite a challenge indeed, but that is why God needs you and calls you to do your part!

Sandy Shaw