Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters

The smallest of the entire Hamsters which fall in the category as pets are Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters. The white spots near the eyebrows and their longest life span of around three and half years distinguishes them from other Hamsters. They dig and survive in burrows. These burrows are generally steep tunnels. Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters are omnivorous since they eat meat, insects, fruits, vegetables and plants as well. They are so active, usually timid and get could be easily startled. When compared to most other Hamsters Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters normally don’t squeak or speak. If required young Roborovskis can be hand-tamed. Since they bite frequently very angrily, this needs patience for some duration and also time investment. While escaping, a Hamster either could harm itself or penetrate into wrong places. It is very essential to handle them carefully since they do not even bother to jump from the owner’s hand irrespective of the distance to the ground if they are panicked.

Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters can enjoy being with a company. If introduced well, then two of these Dwarf Hamsters from diverse litters may live together although the probability of being apart is inevitable and very rare. Reports say that a Roborovski hamster can run up to 20 miles a night in about eight and a half hour. One should be very cautious as far as housing is concerned since Roborovski could easily escape through the normal cages. Therefore, the width between the bars of the cage should be approximately 7mm. Saw dust or any other similar materials could be kept in the cage. Never keep cotton as they may choke on it.

Roborovski Dwarf hamsters attain sexual maturity before 5 weeks but generally do not breed until they grow up. Breeding period differs from 3 months and 4 months between males and females respectively. Keeping male and female Roborovski hamsters apart from each other is difficult. To get them in a position in order to examine their genitals is always a problem because they are faster when compared to other Hamsters. Failure to keep apart Roborovskis may end up in pregnancy at about five weeks.