Rock Hard Abs and How to Get Them

Who wants to get rock hard abs? Everyone! From east to west, north to south, Europe and Asia to America and Africa, every living person in a civilized world covets tight abs. Because besides being sexy, rock hard abs signifies strength and discipline. But why don’t you have those enviable rock hard abs? Here’s some truth you’d probably only read here:

1. You skip meals. You do, don’t you? You live in the fast lanes, always rushing to get somewhere. While leading active, productive lives is certainly a good thing, people like you who do delay or forego a meal to finish this report which is due now. To stave off the hunger pains, you munch of chocolate chips or candies waiting for the chance to catch brunch of a late dinner.

2. You don’t sleep enough. You wish you had 25-hour days and eight-day workweeks. If you could go on without sleeping a wink, you would. That’s definitely bad business. Your body needs sleep because it needs some down time. If you don’t give it what it needs, it breaks down. Overworked, overused machines conk out sooner than their expected lives. Your body would, too.

3. You don’t exercise. With all the responsibilities you have, you barely even have time for yourself. How are you supposed to fit in a couple of hours or so a week to exercise, much less include abs workout?

4. You don’t water up enough. Sure, you drink plenty of liquids in any given day. But if you sum it all up, the bulk of your hydration comes from caffeine-rich steaming cups. Despite its arguable health benefits, coffee has never been as good as water. Start waking up to half a liter of good water and you’d start feeling more alive.

Knowing what you’re doing wrong is the essential first step toward changing your life and the way you look. That being said, here’s how to get rock hard abs fast:

1. Change your eating and sleeping habits. Work toward a meal and sleep pattern that you can keep. Fit in eight hours of rest everyday and at least five small meals. Small meals are easier to fit into a busy schedule; it doesn’t take as much time as a full, three-course meal would.

2. Get into a regular exercise program. You’re likely to want to lose some weight so make that a goal. Again, stick with something that works around your schedule and lifestyle so you’d be able to stay the course. A good exercise program would include routines that would sum up to a total body workout.

3. Include abs workout. Some people think they can do with cardio and other relatively easy routines. While these exercises work well to give your system a thorough workout and would dramatically decrease total body fat, getting rock hard abs requires working that midsection thoroughly. If you want a sexy six pack, abs workout is necessary. There’s no substitute to working your upper, lower and oblique abdominal muscles. It’s the only way to gain muscle mass, build core strength and of course, carve out those sexy, rock hard abs.