Rockport Boots Are The Best

Rockport is one of the oldest makers of shoes and boots in the world and for more almost four decades they have been making foot wear that athletes and men and women who love the great outdoors have relied upon. With their purchase in the mid eighties by one of the largest and most well known shoe companies in the world, Rockport shoes have only gotten much better with the know how and technology that has been developed by the footwear giant.

Rockport boots have been one of the best boots that hikers, climbers and other people who like outdoor activities have used and loved for almost four decades now. Started in 1971 by an American gentleman called Bruce Katz, the company has grown to a huge business solely on the popularity of the shoes that it makes. Today the brand is sold in over sixty six countries in thousands of stores on continents across the world and this number is still increasing. The popularity of rockport boots and shoes keeps increasing and new customers discover how well made the shoes are and what great value for money they are.

The story of the origin of the world famous brand is unknown to almost all of its hundreds of thousand consumers though and is quite interesting. Bruce Katzs father was also in the shoes business and when young Bruce was about twenty three years old in the summer of 1971 he wanted to have absolutely nothing to do with the business of making shoes as he had seen his father struggle in the industry and had seen his business rise and fall. Katz was an avid sailor and he had an ambition of sailing around the world but unfortunately or fortunately depending upon which way you look at it, he did not have the money necessary to fulfil this dream. He thought that he would finance his dream by selling some of his fathers shoes. He dug out some pairs of these shoes and took them to a store in Rockport city in the state of Massachusetts in his Volkswagen bus and started selling them. Through some quirk of fate, the shoes were a massive hit and sales were so good that Katz started a brand with the same name as the city and within a few months Mr Katz had traded in his ancient Volkswagen bus for a Mercedes Benz. The rest as they say is history.