Roku Xds – Who Actually Needs It?

Roku has actually 3 different types including Roku HD, Roku XD and the latest Roku XDS. I’d like to tell you specially about Roku XDS review which has supports for component video and also Toslink optical audio out, ante with dual-band 802. 11n networking and includes a USB port as well.

Roku XDS is an astonishingly small streaming player. It’s so small so you can bring it when you travel around. The thing you need only a TV as well as a network connection and also for instance, you can access to Netflix instant queue.

The Roku XDS player is a tiny unit without any hard disk drives, made specially to play back video over the network on your TV set. All models support playback of a growing collection of multimedia channels, such as Amazon Video on Demand, Netflix streaming, MLB. tv, Pandora, Hulu Plus (in a forthcoming release) and many more.

Furthermore, Roku XDS comes with a USB port on the side, and component, optical, HDMI, Ethernet, and composite ports on the back.

Overall, the specs of Roku XDS are as the following:
1. Ethernet Interface: Yes
2. Networking Options: 802. 11n
3. Storage Capacity (as Tested): 0 MB
4. Music Playback Formats: MP3
5. Photo formats: JPEG
6. Video Formats: MPEG4
7. Plays Internet Radio: Yes
8. Controller: Wireless
9. Television-based User Interface: Yes

By using Roku XDS, you are able to copy videos onto a hard drive or keychain drive and connect them to the USB port on the Roku XDS. The corporate is working on a new channel that will play back videos attached to the USB port. It can play back 1080p film trailers without having problems and play back 720p and also lower-resolution fare simply.

The Roku XDS boxes furthermore contain a new remote control which offers a couple of new buttons, especially a skip-back key which lets you replay the previous few seconds of content without re-buffering the whole video stream.