Rooms in Phuket Hotels that Will Make You Go “Wow”

If that statement seems too brash for any hotel to make, any and all doubts will disappear when one stays in any of the accommodation types offered by the resort. Even the most affordable accommodation in the resort boasts of ensuite amenities usually only found in the most expensive rooms in other hotels in the area. At present, Serenity Resort offers 64 uber-spacious beachfront suites and villas overlooking the Chalong Bay.

Serenity Guest Rooms

The Serenity Guest Rooms feature a contemporary design with the ambience of Thai luxury fit for kings and queens, Asian style. With a private balcony, guests can enjoy the scenic view of the bay at any time while being assured that the inside of the room is just as luxurious. Flat screen television, wi-fi Internet access, oversized bath with luxurious bath products, and deluxe beds make for a serene stay in the best of Phuket hotels.

Serenity Garden and Sea View Suites

At a larger 126 square meters of space, guests can choose between the Garden and the Sea View suites with obvious views into the garden of the hotel or the bay, respectively. Each suite contains luxurious amenities including oversized balconies, 2 flat screen televisions with DVD players, wi-fi access with iPod docking stations, deluxe bath with personal products on hand, and twice-daily maid service. If that is not making guests feel like a king in an Asian setting, then the other rooms will make him feel like an emperor.

Serenity Grand Suite

Besting the rooms of other Phuket hotels with similar designation, the Serenity Grand Suites offer 2 bedrooms and 2 baths for larger groups of guests. The ensuite amenities are the best in its class – 3 televisions with a DVD entertainment center, fully-equipped European kitchen, oversized bath facilities, panoramic sea view balcony, and spacious closets. It truly is a grand room!

Serenity H2O Suite

If the Grand Suites are grand, then the H2O suites are magnificent. With 204 square meters of space to frolic in, three adults can be comfortably accommodated in the suite with room to spare. Like the other suites in the Serenity Resort, it has an entertainment center consisting of an iPod docking station, two flat screen televisions, DVD player and Wi-Fi access. Guests can cook exotic Thai dishes in the fully-equipped European-style kitchen and eat in private in the dining area designed for 8 people.

The Residences

The best of the best accommodation in Phuket hotels can be found in the Residences of the Serenity Resort. With 350 square meters of space, it is truly a home away from home with all the comfort, convenience and privacy desired. Guests have the benefit of a private roof top, access to the beach and swimming pool coupled with 2 bedrooms, 3 baths and the other luxurious amenities of the suites.

The Serenity Resort and Residences offer the best suites, amenities and facilities that the entire array of Phuket hotels can boast of. If you are still in doubt, book a room now and experience the Serenity value today.