Rural Poverty Versus Urban Slums – No Quick Fix and One Size Fits None

Everyone knows there are problems in the world, and when looking at the Third World on the African Continent, well it becomes very obvious very fast the rural lifestyles are quite harsh, and it also causes folks to move towards the city creating massive slums, and deplorable conditions and more and more come forward. Not long ago, a thinker on these topics noted; “If the rural areas produced more and paid more, people wouldn’t be so inclined to go to the city.”

Yes, he is absolutely right on the money. There is a bit of a problem with money flows towards the big cities, but not making it back to the rural areas to pay them to farm and such, it’s always has been. It’s due to the synergies that are created there in the cities, where people migrate to live a better life; if you can imagine an urban slum as a better life.

And whereas many world-thinkers and NGOs, even academic researchers feel that it is easier to “feed people” in the urban environment due to economies of scale, which is logical, just due to logistics, the over bombardment of “refugee” like migrations to the urban slums is not working. It’s a huge issue indeed.

Part of the problem, and something I noted this in the Franchising Industry when opening new markets is solutions to these problems are not a one size fits all. Each region, city, town, county, state, and nation has its own characteristics. When dealing with urban slums or rural poor areas in the world, it’s the same thing.

Look at the urban slums in Bombay, Nairobi, Bangkok; all different, and the rural challenges in the Congo, Honduras, Bolivia, Thailand, Burma, also all different. Too many World Thinkers and HGO heads of committees go to Cancun for a Conference for the UN to talk about solutions using money from First World Gifts and come up with solutions they present at Davos, which are just never going to work.

Worse, is so many of these folks mean well, and fight like hell to do it their way (the infighting and fiefdoms are intense), and the solutions they put forth are literally forcing these schemes onto the people of some far off land; amazingly arrogant actually? But, all in all, I do understand their reasoning, I just wish sometimes they might look closer at the resultant.

“The road to hell is always paved with the greatest of intentions” as they say.